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Having trouble carrying concealed comfortably

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Thread: Having trouble carrying concealed comfortably

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    You can always try pocket carry with the appropriate pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew03 View Post
    That's an excellent and often overlooked point. Without a sturdy gun belt designed to carry the weight of your pistol it's hard to find comfort.
    I found some CCW belts at Hank's Clothing. I bought a black one and a brown one.


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    mp9newmexico, I carry a Kahr pm9 which is similar in size to the shield. I've been carrying for over 9 months in a Zura Concealment System from Cattasi Holsters. I am required to dress in slacks and a tucked-in dress shirt and the Zura provide complete concealment and comfortable wear for my 18 hour days in the business world. I'd recommend checking them our at cattasiholsters.com. Kindest Regards, 57moon

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    Appendix carry with a good gun belt (looper leather with sandwiched kydex) works best for me.

    Comfortable when driving, conceals great, and I feel like I have much better control of that area when in crowds (or when the kids are jumping on me). I build my own, with a wide and tight belt loop and just a few degrees of forward cant (depth and cant depend on the barrel length, adjusted to fit while seated).

    I just take care when holstering, as it's easy to muzzle the femoral artery, and other - uh - important anatomy...

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    I've carried for nearly 2.5 years, and had given up on IWB until I found the Versacarry concealment system. After 7 months of use, I still swear by it. This "zero bulk" holster allows me to carry my PX4sc or Kahr CW9 IWB at 3:00 in total comfort whether I'm seated, standing, driving, trail running, etc. I drove nearly 6000 miles this past summer with the Kahr in the Versacarry most of the way (had to lock it up in a box while driving through a few states, IL, OR, CA), and it was completely comfortable. It's not "tuckable", and that might be a big drawback depending on what you wear to work. But so far as I can tell that's the only drawback to this unit.

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    It could also be due to the cant. If yours is adjustable, you may want to play with that to see what's best for the position that you wear it on your belt. Sometimes a little tilt will make a BIG difference.
    Ditto, in my experience. Given my body shape, car seat shape, I have found that concealing the CZ P-01 (~7.2"L, 1.4"W) works best with a IWB/OWB carried strong-side at ~3-3:30 that has a ~20-22 degree forward cant, else a cross-draw holster (while driving). Without the forward cant, I simply cannot carry it comfortably at all when driving.

    I'm sure the shape/stiffness of the car seat makes quite a bit of difference, as I've noticed slight variations in comfort based on whether I'm sitting in the driver or passenger seat, or whether I'm in my own car's seat versus another car's seat.
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    Try a SmartCarry - very comfortable, very concealed, quicker to draw than you might think!

    SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters

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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    IBW at 3:30 and 45 degree cant forward for a large frame pistol. Depends on your physical size and how many Twinkies you have around your wasteline. If you have a thinner waisteline and a large upper torso.... easy.
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    I used an M-Tac until I started making my own. They are very comfortable to use, but I believe they are made to wear @4:30-5 o'clock. I wear my guns most comfortably IWB near my back pocket.

    Try moving the holster back and increasing the cant angle to bring the grip tilted up more. This will give you a smooth draw and relieve the hip bone from feeling sore.

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