holster tie downs?

holster tie downs?

This is a discussion on holster tie downs? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm researching getting a shoulder holster and am thinking of getting the galco classic light.It looks like it might work for both my pt145 and ...

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Thread: holster tie downs?

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    holster tie downs?

    I'm researching getting a shoulder holster and am thinking of getting the galco classic light.It looks like it might work for both my pt145 and my p11.Is it necessary to have the tie downs for a holster or not? I'm looking for something I can wear over a teeshirt and under a regular shirt.Any of our holster makers here have any ideas on this subject? thanks a lot. sj
    BTW I'm working on a tight budget.

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    they are optional for a reason, pending on what I'm doing that day I may use them, if you sitting for long periods of time, they bunch up and become a little bothersome, if your on your feet and moving all day, they keep the holster and mag from swinging/swaying while walking/running.

    My suggestion is to check Ebay, I got 2 Galco shoulder systems for $45 a set, a SS2 and the "Jack Ass"

    I'd go ahead and get the tie downs with the holster in case you find you'd like to try them, if you do try them and don't like them...well there's always Ebay...

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    Really you don't need a holster side tie-down if you carry decently high up near your armpit.

    Sometimes it's beneficial to pull the magazine side down with a tie-down but not super necessary.

    The tie-downs are not really a noticable problem if you do decide to use them. Just make sure you get elastic type tie-downs and get everything adjusted correctly.

    Also once you get your shoulder rig carefully adjusted and you "test Wear" it for a while....then cut all that extra harness strap leather off.
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    No Tie Downs...

    needed. I wear mine (only for my Kimber Ultra CDP II) and have no tie downs. I wear it high under both arms...both with or without the mag...either way it works.

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    I'm new with a shoulder holster, just one week of wear, and I can't imagine when I'd need the tie downs.

    I don't have the holster or mag pouch particularly high, but the rig doesn't seem to swing around such that I'll likely ever buy the tie downs.

    One thing I learned was that there is what I'll call a "sweet spot" for where the holster and mag pouch hang--they need to be rearward (under the armpit) for best concealment, but forward enough so driving and other sitting time doesn't have them pressing hard against the seat.

    While I like the weight hanging on my shoulders rather than on my belt, I do find that my rig will creep up toward the neck area over time. Perhaps it was this forum where I posted the thought that maybe some of that non-slip foam-like material I've seen on shoulder straps for computer attaches would be a good addition to the inside surface of shoulder holster straps; maybe that would eliminate the "strap creep" I've experienced. I have a shoe/leather repair shop nearby that I trust, so maybe I'll look to them for some ideas on a solution.

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