I really like the Galco concealable belt holster for my j-frames, so I thought I'd get one for my CZ. One of the reasons I don't carry my CZ (besides being a revolver guy) is that I've yet to find a comfortable holster. I was going to order from High Noon, but I read the concealable belt holster for the P228 was worth a try. After trying it out, I must say my CZ 75 PCR fits the holster very well. The price was reasonable - $83.96 on Amazon. I still might get a High Noon, they look really nice. But I thought I'd throw this out there for any of you CZ 75 PCR/Compact owners that are still looking for a holster.

The Galco model numbers are CON250B (RH Black), CON250H (RH Havana), and CON251B (LH Black).