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Snubbie pocket carriers - need cargo shorts and pants recommendation

This is a discussion on Snubbie pocket carriers - need cargo shorts and pants recommendation within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Tru-Spec cargo shorts and pants are vastly superior to 5.11. Look for the Tru-Spec versions that have elastic in the waistband with 2 inches of ...

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Thread: Snubbie pocket carriers - need cargo shorts and pants recommendation

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    Tru-Spec cargo shorts and pants are vastly superior to 5.11. Look for the Tru-Spec versions that have elastic in the waistband with 2 inches of play; one can put a snubbie into the front pocket or the cargo pocket, or IWB with the elastic stretched out. No need to have two different pairs of pants for pocket versus IWB carry with waist band 2" inches larger than normal for IWB. Available in a variety of colors and a variety of materials (cotton, nylon, nylon-reinforced non-rip cotton, etc.) and several styles (short pants, long pants with zip-off legs, and regular long pants).

    The Tru-Spec cargo pants accept a 1.75 inch "Instructor's" nylon belt such as the Wilderness makes.

    I have a bunch of 5.11 pants and they all stay in the closet.

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    I wear EcoTac and Tru spec that I got at from Rogue Elite they are my work slacks. For shorts I use some I got at Sears they look a lot like the Kohls ones
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    My wife buys all my clothes. I think my cargo shorts are Tommy Bahama, and they can hold a 642 in the regular pocket without the butt showing.

    You don't necessarily need cargo shorts if the pocket is roomy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Problem I have with the 5.11 stuff is that I would need to order it online, and my experience with ordering clothing online is that it never fits right. I much prefer to buy locally in a retail store, so I can try the stuff on. I'd also like to avoid the obvious "tactical" clothing, if at all possible.

    Thanks for the suggestions - keep 'em coming! Faded Glory - Big Men's Belted Home Run Cargo Shorts: Men's Big & Tall
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    Just so happened to get a 15% discount code via email from Streichers today, plus free shipping (if anyone else is interested, it's "OLYMPIC15" - this weekend only).

    I'm going to try the Tru-Spec shorts - with the discount they came to ~ $30 each. I think the mag holsters sewn into the cargo pockets and other features are worth it.

    Thanks all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Wow! A G36 in the pocket? Impressive.

    If you're pocket carrying, can you use the cargo pockets for other stuff - or do they poof out too much, since they are sewn directly over the front pockets?
    I will second the recommendation of these shorts. I am wearing those exact ones now with my j-frame in a DeSantis pocket holster.
    I like to limit anything in the pocket with my gun but will keep loose change at the bottom. The pocket is roomy enough to reach past the holster and pull out a few coins. The cargo pocket is still usable.
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    A lot better than the Tru-Spec IMHO. More low key too. The best part is that the pockets are sewn from inside the leg, so you don't get that poofed out look. They breathe reeeeeeally well.

    The shorts are the same as the pants, obviously just shorter lol:
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    Cabela's carries their "7 Pocket Hiker Pants/Shorts" and I've found them to be fairly decent. The design has changed a little since originally introduced, but they're still good. Generous size of pockets, stretch material (in some).
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    Once you settle on the pants, contact Robert Mika for a holster made just to your specs for cargo pants. He made mine to the measurements I provided. You can't go wrong and the price is right.
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    I agree with the Wranglers from Walmart

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    I have been pocket carrying for about 5 years. I like the Sam's Club brand "Savane" for a few reasons, and I have tried many different cargo shorts. Mainly, the Savane ones do not use a linen for the pocket, like most cargo shorts. The pocket is actually the same heavy weight cotton as the rest of the shorts. The main pocket is as deep as the short, going "behind" the cargo pocket, so that is where I put my gun, that way if I need to I can put my hand in the pocket and on the gun and it just looks like I have my hand in the pocket. A lot of cargo shorts have small main pockets and they are not deep enough and they are linen, too light of a material for my liking...the gun sort of flops around in those types. The Savanes are about $12 too so that is nice and they last longer than any others I have had and come in a handful of colors. The newer ones have a exterior cell pocket that is on the right side also, so for right side carry, the phone further breaks up any outline and adds no bulk.

    My 2cents. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    For me, once again using the Wrangler® stuff as an example, I reserve the right front pocket for the gun. The rest of the pockets, I try to keep in balance. On the left side, there's a pocket for my cell phone. I'll use that. Wallet goes in one of the rear pockets. Keys, folding money, etc goes in the left front pocket to balance the gun on the right front. Other than that, whatever you're comfortable with.
    I use the wrangler shorts as well and love them.
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    I have a pair of Izod's that would fit that bill.
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    As many have noted above, there are lots of standard cargo shorts you can buy, whose pockets will fit a gun. What you have there is just that: a pocket with a gun in it. There is no fit or retention and the gun can easily flop around or change position with movement. For some, that's OK. I choose not.

    Take a long look at the CCW Breakaways cargo and standard shorts. Each of the front pockets (not the cargo pockets) are fitted with a dedicated holster system that is adjustable for any gun. By that, I mean that you could easily carry a full size combat race gun or Desert Eagle in either front pocket, with no problem and no print. The cargo pockets also have the option of carrying extra magazines, flashlight, baton or other gear, if you desire, and a decent belt spreads the weight.

    To address the reluctance about order clothes on line, I can only say that they have a toll free number that lets you talk right to a fit expert and I have never (never) had any issues with the accuracy of their advice. They also have a complete no-hassle return or exchange policy.

    Shorts - CCW Breakaways

    They are not a cheap, fits-all sort of product. In my humble opinion, the price is well worth it for getting a quality piece of equipment. I own four pair of the pants and one of the shorts. No regrets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Title pretty much says it all. Looking for some cargo shorts and pants that will take a snubbie in the front (not cargo) pocket, without the grip peeking out at the top of the pocket.

    The ones I currently have needed tailoring (to deepen the pocket), and are getting in need of replacement (so says my wife).

    Recommendations? Links appreciated!

    Wrangler or Dickies from Wal-Mart:
    Comfortable, large pockets completely conceal my AirWeight, cheap, and everyone shops at Wal-Mart so I don't stand out like someone in 'tactical' gear.

    shorts -

    Here is the holster I use:

    The outside of the holster is a kind of rubber grip. I've worn these shorts and this holster while wrestling with the kids, never had it slip out, not even move.

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