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I specialize in custom concealment products for women who choose to take responsibility for their own safety. Our needs for discreetly carrying our safety/rescue equipment are different from men’s; our shapes are different, our clothing is different, and our environments are often different. That’s why I created Cunningham Custom Leather - to make products that fit us better, provide the utmost in safety and retention, and to be invisible in or under the clothing we typically wear.

While I design products specially to suit a woman’s physique, many men have come to me because they couldn’t find anything that “fits” - after all, not all men are able to wear an “off the rack” suit! Gentlemen, read through the section on choosing a holster, as most of the concepts discussed are equally applicable to you.

Trust that I will not release a product for sale until it’s been tested over and over again. I’d rather be a little late to market than to sell a product that I do not feel is as good as it could be! I currently have a number of new products in the testing stage, which I will release only when I feel that they are worthy of your investment.

Is my work expensive? Not when you compare it to the investment you’ve already made in equipment, training, and practice - add all that up, and scrimping on a holster doesn’t make very good sense. After all, your safety is riding on you and your equipment - would you put cut-rate tires on the car that carries your children? Neither would I!

Thanks again for your interest in my work. Stay safe!