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Shoulder holster recommendations

This is a discussion on Shoulder holster recommendations within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have used the Galco Jackass (since I live in Missouri now, how apropriate) for more years than I care to think about, and just ...

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Thread: Shoulder holster recommendations

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    I have used the Galco Jackass (since I live in Missouri now, how apropriate) for more years than I care to think about, and just as I doubt any of you only have 1 gun for all circumstances, a shoulder rig has it's place and time. The harness is almost infinitely adjustable and it will take a bit of time to find the way that fits you, I like mine about 4” below the arm pit, mag pouches canted bottom forward and the harness can be adjusted so the gun rides forward of the mid line of the body. Put it on around the house, make adjustments in the harness until you find what fits you, with the Jackass I have no doubt you will find an arrangement that works for you.

    The uncle Mikes is a nice hot weather rig, I don’t find it as comfortable but the nylon is cooler, I use it a lot in the woods, just over a camo T-shirt when running around my property.

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    I currently have 3 shoulder rigs I am thinking about sellng and here's why.

    Galco Jackass rig: Decent enough but anything over a j-frame in weight/length doesn't work for me.

    DeSantis New York Undercover: This is a good rig but again The Weight!

    Alessi Bodyguard: Tremendous holster with a j-frame but the draw is hard (my problem, maybe not yours).

    Shoulder holsters require some work. Be prepared to be disappointed for a little while. Like the Smartcarry, what feles good today might not feel so good tomorrow. And I have experience with both.

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    Car Carry

    I have been carrying guns for over 30 years and the best shoulder rig I have found is made by Sam Andrews ( It's called the Monarch Rig. I carry a 1911's in it, both full size 5" and a Kimber CDP Compact. These are horizontal carry with 2 mag pouches on the off side for balance. There are no tie-downs instead it has a strap across the lower back to prevent flopping. I find it works very well. Sam also makes a holster called the Car-Jacker Crossdraw which is excellent for carry in a vehicle. It lays the guns in your lap in a extreme horizontal cross draw for quick access, it has a flap which goes under your belt and snaps back to itself for easy on-off capability.
    I hope this helps in your decision.
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    I shoulder carry almost every day.

    Carry a good quality properly functioning firearm in a proper shoulder holster & it's as safe as any other mode of carry. I would not carry in a shoulder holster if I believed that it was in any way unsafe.
    Yep, Andrews Leather makes a great shoulder holster as does Lou Alessi. You are correct the Alessi is very "form fit" & tight. It needs a few shots of "Pure Silicone" spray inside the holster body to cut the friction a bit & make it just perfect.

    If you carry a full weight firearm (like a Colt Govt. Model) in a shoulder rig it will (of course) pull directly down on the top of your shoulder.
    It will feel uncomfortable for a couple of weeks & then your body gets very used to it. I would say that in three weeks you'll not notice it at all.
    A properly constructed shoulder holster is the most comfortable, practical form of carry for the real world.
    I carried every day ALL DAY for years (& usually still do) in a shoulder holster. I would never go back to carrying full time AT or ON the waist or IN the waist.

    With a good shoulder holster I carry in summer just under just a darker oversize T-Shirt & its quite cool & comfy. Drawing from UNDER a T-Shirt takes practice...BUT, we are smart human beings and we get very good at what we practice often.
    With practice your draw is lightning fast. I have absolutely no problems clearing my holster & having the weapon presented in one second or usually less. Summer or Winter...~ Especially with the Alessi "pull through" snap set up.

    Lately...I carry in Alessi Shoulder holsters but I make my own custom harness & strap system made up entirely from orthopedic deerskin ~ VERY COMFORTABLE for 10 to 12 hour daily carry!
    Try the Alessi...I know Lou Alessi & he is a damn good man. Try his holster out for a few days & if you don't like it ~ call him up & he'll take care of you.

    Go out to eat...go to the movies...get in the car ~ get out of the car ~ get back in the car...sit...stand handstands...climb a ladder ~ reach for a can on the TOP SHELF while food shopping ~ It is just the best way (for me) to carry. I usually carry in my shoulder rig from the time I get up until bed-i-boo time. I never worry about my firearm or readjust it or tug it or shift it. It's simply great. You can wear it & forget it yet always know it's right there.

    There is nothing WORSE than a bad shoulder holster & nothing better than a good one. Go with quality leather. Just my humble opinion.

    One reason that a shoulder rig gets a general bad rap is that you often are not permitted to draw from one at a public range. So actual "draw & fire" drills are tough to accomplish unless you own your own property. Like I do.
    But, you can "dry fire" draw & shoot at home. You will get very fast.

    I carry with my firearm canted slightly muzzle upward & about 2.5 to 3" under my left armpit. I carry either a Combat Commander ~ GLOCK 36 or a SIG P220 with no problems at all. The gun does not "flop around" if... you set your holster up properly. After you get it exactly how you like it then cut off all that extra long strap leather.

    If you are extremely overweight then you'll probably have trouble drawing from a shoulder holster. Don't buy one.

    I go everywhere with a shoulder holster & I never flash or print.

    Also: People say that when you carry in a horizontal shoulder holster you "cover" everybody around you...well I hate ta break the news to you but when you carry at the waist & you walk around on your second floor...You are covering the tops of the heads of all your family members walking around on the first floor below you. You just can't see them down there but your floor sure won't stop an AD or ND ~ Think about that for a few minutes.
    Buy a top quality firearm. Put it in your high quality holster (let me check to see if the naughty word bleeper is working) and don't **** with it & you'll be just fine.
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    I like my inexpensive Uncle Mikes nylon shoulder holster. Fairly comfortable, Ya gotta watch what ya wear lighter coats as it will sometimes shows the straps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rem700
    I am in and out of vehicles all day and access to my pistol in a VMII isnt to good when seated and belted in. Dont want to spend big buck to find it wont work for me.I am 5' 8" 155 and dress is flannel shirts and coat in the winter and T shirts and open cover shirt in the summer. I have a 3'', 4" and 5" CDPs but prefer the 4" the most.
    rem700, i believe that different holsters are for different people. i have carried a weapon i guess about everyway i can, and have like a few and dislike more. just check around for shoulder rigs, but if you do go with nylon, get one that is padded well and does have tie downs. i had a miami style and they do move and added tiedowns to it. i prefer nylon because they are more flexible to more weapons. but, i preferr carring my glock strong side wheather it be full size or compact and an ankle holster with a .357 or .38 shrouded hammer (my preference) that is easy to get to in the car. there are also some under dash and seat front holsters that are being made now. hope it helps.

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    While there are many fine holster systems out there, I prefer the Galco Miami rig. I carry a Kimber Ultra so concealability is fairly simple and weight is not an issue. Never got a warm & fuzzy from the soft stuff so my preference for any holster is leather. It does take some time to custom "fit" it to your style, and is almost infinitely adjustable, so don't get too excited and "final cut" the harness before it's time. Also, the tie downs are a must for overall stability.

    It retails kinda pricey, but if ya search around the net, you can still locate some deals. I found a complete rig online at the Ultimate Outdoors for $105.

    I mostly carry OWB but find the shoulder rig more suited for certain situations, and for the money is a welcome addition to my assortment of flexible tools.

    Kimber Ultra CDP Elite STS II

    A gun is a tool...the real weapon is between your ears!

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    After 6+ years of Galco's Miami rig, and just about 1 week of an Alessi's Bodyguard:


    Most of you know by now, I really dig Brommeland Gunleather. So, on a lark, I called Gary and asked him who's shoulder holster he recommends being as he doesnt make one. I told him my Miami rig from Galco was cutting into my traps. Gary immediately responded "Alessi, you *******". Ok, I get the point. I had the opportunitiy to score one locally at a very good price, so I did.
    Wow!! When it arrived, I spent 45mins just 'fondling it'. The workmanship is impeccable. The boning and stitching beautiful. Even without the pull thru snap retention system, the holster would have held this gun for years. I had never tried a 'pull thru' snap before. Never going back to a thumbstrap style shoulder rig. Just grip the pistol, and pull. But it aint coming out till you want it to. TRUST ME on this. The whole rig is so well thougt out and designed. The shoulder straps are cut wide, and on rings at the pivot points to let stuff shift with you, not into you. And light, this thing uses no more leather than absolutly necessary, and its noticable in the weight. The way the harness distributes the weight of the gun and mags makes this a very 'wearable' rig. The double mag pouch holds the mags with enough friction that after the strap is released, the mags dont just drop free. But not so tight as to make drawing them difficult.
    Again, thanks to Lou Alessi for providing such a quality item. And thanks to Gary B for the recommendation.


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