Main stream holster makers that don't offer more selection (for Taurus products)

Main stream holster makers that don't offer more selection (for Taurus products)

This is a discussion on Main stream holster makers that don't offer more selection (for Taurus products) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I unapologetically carry a Taurus PT145 EDC. I recently noticed that some VERY popular holster makers (not counting many small shops) apparently have never heard ...

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Thread: Main stream holster makers that don't offer more selection (for Taurus products)

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    Main stream holster makers that don't offer more selection (for Taurus products)

    I unapologetically carry a Taurus PT145 EDC.

    I recently noticed that some VERY popular holster makers (not counting many small shops) apparently have never heard of Taurus, especially the PT145. In the open marketplace, I do not understand why they fail to offer their products for what it seems is a very popular firearm.

    I was in search of a holster with certain common specifications: OWB, open top with alternative retention system. Despite an extensive search, I found very little, and none that I liked.

    Just my rant for today.
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    Holster makers tend to make stuff that sells, so I would infer that there is not a huge market for Taurus PT145 holsters. I have a 709 and had no trouble finding holsters for it.
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    That's the beauty of a custom holster. Fist Holsters, for example, can basically take their standard-issue offering but make a handful of changes that you see fit to add. Haven't added retention myself, to one of the Fists that I've had built, but I've had all sorts of other mods. Give 'em a call, as it wouldn't surprise me that they could do exactly what you're looking for. As could a number of other makers, like as not.
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    Wish you were in Michigan, I was looking at the kydex diy videos on youtube last night. I have a great holster now, so I do not need one, but I would have volunteered to help you. It looks like alot of fun!
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    DIY Kydex Holster How-To Part 1 - YouTube
    The link above is just one that I searched for, there are many.

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    It costs me a shade under $50 to get a blue gun to my door. At the price point I am selling I have to sell multiple holsters to simply break even, then sell more to make money. On some holsters, where I make more money, I don't mind ordering the blue gun if asked for one. For most of my holsters, I have to get multiple requests before I even think about ordering one. Or if I know it's really popular I'll take the chance. You win some, you loose some. The Shield was good for me. The XDs has not sold at all. Go figure. I'm also working small scale out of my garage, so I don't compare to the bigger companies at all. Just a few thoughts from the other side. I would love to fill every request I got, but I could go broke pretty quick if I tried to do it that way. I have to seriously weigh satisfying a customer with being able to make money.
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    If I could get my hands on a mold for the PT 145 I would offer it. However I've had a heck of a time trying to track one down. I've had a lot of call for them, almost to the point where I would drop a few hundred just to pick the gun up.

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    I do actually build holsters for the PT145, to be honest I'm not even 100% sure it's listed on my site at the moment it used to be. Either way I carry one myself, or lately my wife has been carrying mine since she's pretty well claimed it;) Either way there are a few snags, there have been several variations in the PT145 that can effect fit of holsters. Mine is the second generation PT145 Pro, which has the long terrible trigger along with no rail but the newer texture on the grips etc. there was a version before that one that has the old blocky texture and they were known to have frame problems from what I've heard. After mine there are a few out there with the new trigger system(single/double rather than DAO) that have the same basic look as mine, then later they released the newest version with the railed frame along with the new trigger. Now the reason I mention all of that is depending on the version it might not fit a good boned holster so you need to make sure the holster maker has the proper PT145 dummy gun or real gun to work with the version you've got. For instance if you have a first generation gun I wouldn't want you to run it in a holster I built for the 2nd generation gun etc. It's rather confusing and it's honestly a big complaint of mine when companies change things like that on guns without changing the model number, makes it confusing for me and for customers;)

    Take care!


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    We have almost our entire line for the 145 1st gen and the 145 Pro 2nd gen.

    Hope that helps


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    I would think the only taurus holsters you would consistently find are ones that alos fit the guns that have Beretta versions. I think it is alot like trying to find a nice holster for a highpoint. Highpoint people don't really look for nice holsters and my guess is alot of taurus people do not either.
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    Clay, if you're making Kydex holsters like the one pictured in your avatar, you can use the PT 24/7. It's the same frame "cross-section" and trigger guard. Obviously the slide is longer, but you're cutting it short, anyway. Voila! short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    The holster makers have learned that the Tauruses will be returned for rework/trade faster than the holsters can be shipped and returned as not needed.
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    I have a PT145 Railed form and can make my whole line for it. I have made a number of holsters for the gun.

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    Check the forum. Also, all the following make holsters for the PT145:

    High Noon
    Blade Tec
    Mitch Rosen
    Don Hume
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