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This is a discussion on Carrying at work within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Your XDS is the ideal carry for the work place, I bought mine two weeks ago and it's been on me every day all day. ...

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Thread: Carrying at work

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    Your XDS is the ideal carry for the work place, I bought mine two weeks ago and it's been on me every day all day. None of my employees have noticed, I'm using the holster that came with it until I can crossbreed comes.

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    I carry at work every day as I work from Home and the carry is a Remora holster for my G-19 in Mex carry. Works great and work is just 30 feet from the bedroom or kitchen. When asked on conference calls "Where are You", I respond with sitting in the office in my bathrobe! That wakes all of them up in a hurry.
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    LCP in a crossbreed? That is what I'm carrying.
    I sit at a desk all night at work and its worked fine for me...and I'm a female wearing business casual attire, so likely as fitted as your polo, it doesn't print at all...I work around a bunch of retired LE and military and none of them have noticed I'm carrying.
    I also picked up an ankle holster for work since I'm sitting at a desk the entire time, but I haven't even tried it yet since I like the crossbreed so much. I also have a Remora and have used it at work a lot and love it.

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    Similar situation here - need to be discreet around our customers. I find pocket carry works best for me - LCR + LCP, or LCP x 2, depending on the pockets.

    I also used the Smartcarry for a few years. However, I found that over time, it started to cause be pain where the backstrap of the gun would push into my bend point. I sill use it on occasion, but find dual pocket carry much more comfortable. Between the two guns, I have 12-14 rounds readily available. Should be plenty.
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    Ok time to hear more crap from the haters....
    I'm a carpenter, residential remodeling. I carry without anyone's knowledge. I use SmartCarry or a pocket holster for my S&W 642.
    Yes yes this means I don't have my bosse's permission, and yes this means I don't have the homeowner's permission, either. It doesn't exactly come up in conversation. No one asks, I don't tell, and I ace the "keep it holstered" test every time. My motivation isn't to disrespect, but survive.
    If your work setting is more agreeable to firearms, however, I would strongly recommend you carry in a place where you can draw quicker from...not the ankle. Pant pocket is good, cross-draw if you sit a lot. A shoulder rig if you wear a sport coat is a great way, also. The Men's Warehouse is pretty good at tailoring a jacket around your shoulder rig.
    Have to agree with Suntzu, hater of what? He is carrying with his employers permission and deceiving no one.

    To the OP if there is no policy about what you have to wear simply get a good IWB/OWB holster and dress around the gun. A simple button up shirt, dickie type material, or as stated a polo untucked would cover the weapon just fine.
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    I carry in a Safariland level III holster on a duty belt. LEO :) Sorry, couldn't resist. But seriously, that CBST should work fine. When off-duty, I use it a lot and it conceals very well, even with fitted shirts. I almost never tuck it. I only tuck it at weddings or events that require a shirt and tie. The only people that see the clips are my friends that know I ALWAYS have a firearm. And even some of them don't always notice.
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    I think it is great that your boss encourages you guys to carry. My Company is pretty heavily pro gun, many are hunters, have CPL etc. But while it is not in writing I have heard that it is forbidden to carry in the building, so out of respect I do not carry in work, but I am betting I could and it would not be an issue.

    Since your company encourages it, maybe a simple solution is to get looser fitting Polo's? I know even in "XL" that actual fit is all over the board. Some are nice and loose, others are tighter and totally print. Getting looser clothing will also be a benefit outside of work as it will give you more options for EDC regardless of where you need to go or what the attire is. As mentioned, wear it untucked, A loose shirt does wonders. Having it loose also makes draw very easy, while not as fast as off hand uncover and strong hand draw, it is possible to draw with only your strong hand in one motion if the shirt is untucked and you practice.

    I currently carry a m&P9fs and with a polo shirt even the local gun store folks hard a very hard time telling where I had it. I had to do a full turn around and one of them finally found the rough location because the act of turning pulled the shirt tight on the butt of the gun.

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    I work construction, I carry either a m&p shield in a PJ holster tucked in or a chopped fullsize m&p in a comptac CTAC holster.

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    Work in a hospital.....cannot carry!! But sure wish I could.

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