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Thread: IWB Carry

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    ArchAngel or Seraphim,
    depending on the pistol.


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    IWB Carry

    Not a thin man(5'10" 250lbs) but i love my fricke archangel.

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    I notice with the Dale Frick Archangel holster, the design is intended to be no-tuck with shirttail worn outside the pants. If you want an IWB with shirt tucked in, the cross-breed kydex/leather type works well. I have a medium build, and have this type for my 709 Slim that conceals very well in the 4 o'clock position. I found a guy who makes these for $40 shipped, fitted to your specific gun type. I live close to him, and watched him make mine. Great attention to detail, and high quality. His contact email is: dosborn81@yahoo.com Here are some pics, wearing on right side:

    OsbornIWB_709_Placement.JPG this is how it fits against the body

    IWB-709-RightSide_R-side_ArmsUp.JPG view from right side with arms up in the air

    IWB-709-RightSide_Back_ArmsUp.JPG view from behind with arms up in the air

    IWB-709-RightSide_Front.JPG view from the front
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    So far I have an Old Faithful IWB, Crossbreed Super Tuck, N82 Pro, Blackhawk Serpa and plain old Uncle Mikes - and according to my wife my Safariland ALS paddle came in the mail today - for my Glock 23. I keep going back to my N82 Pro so far - it just feels the best to me. Holsters are quickly becoming an obsession for me. :(

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    I went with a Crossbreed Supertuck for my 26. There are a lot of people on this forum that have that "drawer full of holsters" well I bought the CBST and havent bought another one......now that says alot about a holster.

    Now if and when i get a holster for my Sig P229 and Kimber 1911 im going to go with a leather IWB because i dont want to have wear on the finishes of those firearms and i dont think that having a kydex holster will accomplish that.
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    Re: IWB Carry

    Anyone ordered the 'breakaway' concealed carry pants? Pricey but you don't have to have your shirt un tucked all the time

    Smile. It makes people wonder what you are up to

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    I enjoy designing and building things. I bought some kydex and I had a heat gun. I made a wooden model of my P238 and started working from there. Kydex is relatively easy to work with; pop rivets or Chicago screws for prototypes. My latest is OWB crossdraw. It is smooth, fast and does not show under a light jacket or a summer shirt. It is very comfotable while sitting even with a seat belt on. Holster for the J-Frame is next.

    Holsters are quite personal. I have found that what works for me probably will not work for others. I wouldn't recommend any special holster to any one person. That's why there are thousands of them made by hundreds of craftsmen.
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    What keeps me looking is comfort of the weapon against my body. I keep getting that gouging of the frame against my side. I think I'm going to look at that n82 to also. The remora works great but the material works on my skin since I don't like wearing a tshirt all the time.
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    I use the N82 Pro for my G26, G27, G19 and G23. It is so comfortable with or without an undershirt that you forget it is there. I generally carry for 14 hours a day, sitting, walking, standing, bending over and driving while wearing an un-tucked T shirt and no one has ever asked if I am packing.

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    So far I've purchased two IWB holsters, a leather (TTgunleather) for my 380 and a Kydex (Dale Fricke) for my 9mm. I truly like both holsters. The Fricke has put a small scratch on the muzzle of my 9. When drawing, the muzzle hits one of the inside screws of the belt loop. Anyone else had that problem with the Fricke?

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    OWB Clament Custom Leather Pancake <FBI forward cant>
    Love the fit.

    IWB De Santis Sof-Tuck
    The cant is very adjustable, & can be adjusted for about any carry position, crossdraw, small of back, straight up, etc.
    It's a quality product at a reasonable price.
    Price point: less than $25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrntn View Post
    So far I've purchased two IWB holsters, a leather (TTgunleather) for my 380 and a Kydex (Dale Fricke) for my 9mm. I truly like both holsters. The Fricke has put a small scratch on the muzzle of my 9. When drawing, the muzzle hits one of the inside screws of the belt loop. Anyone else had that problem with the Fricke?
    No, but Mr. Fricke is an excellent person and I bet he would want to know and would fix it ASAP.

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    I have tried, and sold, a lot of different holsters. Here is what I have settled on for me.

    - IWB - Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro. Works great and all day comfort. Honorable mention goes to MTAC as the best of the hybrid rigs I have tried. If Rocky (PK) does not make a model, I go with the MTAC.

    - OWB - Fist #7. I know the PK BOP can also do OWB, but once I get it set for IWB, I don't like to mess with it. If you can't wait, the Galco Combat Master is pretty good too, but I do prefer the Fist.

    - Shoulder rig - High Noon Under Taker.

    - Pocket - Desantis Super Fly.

    This is what works for me. YMMV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghettokracker71 View Post
    As long as they can afford to keep buying more holsters,...
    This. I am a holster junkie.

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    I'm 5'11 and 170 maybe less lately. I carry a Glock 32 iwb at 4'oclock in a reinforced iwb from Ttgunleather. I would highly recommend that style holster. The offset loops really help pull the butt of the gun against you and eliminates printing I had with single attachment type holsters. The VM-II I believe was the original design. But there are plenty of others who make the same design also. I will try to take a few pics for you later tonight and post them on here.
    If you carry a gun larger than a Compact size or larger gun... I highly recommend this holster. They are popular with the full size 1911 guys for a reason...
    I have no reason to buy more holsters for this gun. It's just been perfect for me.

    Edit- I just noticed in a later post you mentioned you have a holster from trgunleather. So I'm sure you know the quantity stuff they make.

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