Just can't resist: John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?

Just can't resist: John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?

This is a discussion on Just can't resist: John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; An international collectibles company called Bradford Exchange has begun marketing this holster and revolver display to Australians who are fans of Ned Kelly, who is ...

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Thread: Just can't resist: John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?

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    Just can't resist: John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?

    An international collectibles company called Bradford Exchange has begun marketing this holster and revolver display to Australians who are fans of Ned Kelly, who is the Australian equivalent of Jesse James.

    Of course when I saw their first ad I took umbrage:

    Just can't resist:  John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?-bradford-exchange-ned.jpg

    and contacted them, telling them that (1) the revolver has been copied from a "flopped" image, so the loading gate is on the wrong side, (2) which is how the holster came to be left handed (Ned was right handed), (3) Ned's time was pre-cartridge guns so even Australia's own museum displays a Colt cap-and-ball for him), and (4) the holster is John Wayne's signature piece that he used in all his western films (best known-maker being Andy Anderson).

    They responded "interesting" and said their researchers usually do better.

    Then I discovered that, because they already make a John Wayne commemorative that is identical, Bradford didn't do any research at all for poor old Ned's rig:

    Just can't resist:  John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?-bradford-exchange-duke.jpg

    I know, not your usual cup of tea on this Forum, but who else was even going to pretend to care?!
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    I notice these things too. It drives my wife up the wall. until she needs someone to help her put an age on an antique. I can tell machine made screws from hand made ones. And can remember what year they started making them in mass. DR

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    Oh no, plenty of people care enough to point out the gaffs of companies that put out stuff like that. Very good catch mate!

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    And yet people will still buy them........
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Why would I want a holster that people can see?

    Good snag. So much counterfiet stuff out there.
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    Oh wait you expect REPLICAS to be AUTHENTIC looking.A lot of the people buying this stuff have no idea about guns or holsters,they buy into the hype.Remember all the plates they sold as someday being rare collectibles
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    Very nice catch. :P

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    John Wayne wasn't even a real person, he was a character played by Marion Morrison.
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    Yep, John Wayne was just his stage name given to him by director Raoul Walsh...Who the heck would go see a cowboy movie starring 'Marion Morrison'????
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    Good job........

    I learned a couple of lessons once :

    When I was a kid (long long time ago... LOL ), we were going thru a museum at the time in Tombstone. They had a revolver they claimed was either Wyatt Earp's, or one 'like' he was carrying at the time. My grandfather told me that was baloney, and asked for some people there to talk to. He explained it to them, and they reassured him it was correct.

    He said : "no it isn't, that gun didn't come out until after the BIG STORM that hit Kansas when I was 16 yrs old, and all this happened with Wyatt Earp right before I was born. That gun didn't exist when Wyatt Earp was in Tombstone.
    They went and got the Director of the Museum, told him the story, then ....... he went and got a huge book showing when what guns were manufactured (serial #'s, etc) .. (I was amazed at the book)....... and discoverd my grandfather was "correct".
    That gun would not have been around when Wyatt Earp was in Tombstone, and they said they were obviously going to have to correct it.

    What I learned : people tend to remember things based upon "events" in their lives, whether it was a storm, when they moved, when they bought a house, etc..... and then relate other events to 'when ' they occurred in relation to those events.
    Second ; the Big Storm he talked about, I heard from him constantly. Many years later I did some research, and found it in the time period he always referred to ...... it was the biggest blizzard to ever hit Kansas, killing all but about 200 head of cattle in the state, snowing people in for a looooong time, numerous people and wildlife were killed, etc. I should have asked him more about it when he was alive.
    Third : don't take any information for granted, unless you've done the research yourself.
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    Re: Just can't resist: John Wayne and Ned Kelly shopped together?

    Yes but he was so conservative there was a joke that to live in his neighborhood in Newport Beach, California you had to have 5,000 rounds of ammo stocked in your house.

    Smile. It makes people wonder what you are up to

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