Ugly Bald Guy Holster review with pics....

Ugly Bald Guy Holster review with pics....

This is a discussion on Ugly Bald Guy Holster review with pics.... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Knowing that nothing fits like custom leather, I decided to order a rig for my Glock 37. I spent a few days looking around the ...

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Thread: Ugly Bald Guy Holster review with pics....

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    Ugly Bald Guy Holster review with pics....

    Knowing that nothing fits like custom leather, I decided to order a rig for my Glock 37. I spent a few days looking around the net for just the right company. One day, a google search turned up a name which stuck in my mind. Ugly Bald Guy Holsters, and I thought to myself wow, what a name. After looking over Nate's site, I decided I had found my man.

    I talked with Nate via email a few times and told him what i was looking for in a rig. Based on our conversations it was easy to see that Nate would do what it took to make his custom happy, not just his bottom line like so many of the big leather workers.

    Based on my requests for a custom rig, Nate let me know he saw no issues with my order and would begin on it soon with final turn around being about 2 weeks.

    This was my list of things i wanted in my rig.

    A slide style OWB holster.

    I asked that minimal leather be used. I wanted no more then was needed to keep the integrity of the holster.

    I requested a FBI style butt foward cant.

    I told Nate I wanted no additional color used. The color of the hide when he recieved it was exactly what I wanted.

    I asked that nothing be masked or hidden with regards to imperfections or natural marks. I went on to say that I also wanted no tooling marks hidden or masked.

    I wanted a matching mag pouch as well.

    Nate's PR is top notch. I bugged the crap out of him (Even if he says I did not, don't believe it), emailing him frequently. He ALWAYS emailed me back in a timely manner and made sure to answer every question that I asked. These days, you cannot say that about alot of businesses regardless of what they do.


    When I opened the box, I just sat and stared for a bit. I did not even put the Glock in her for the first few hours. The rig just sat by me, enjoying the day as i was lol.

    Once I put this rig on my hip for the first time, oh my. It was heaven for my weapon. The Glock was extremely secure in this holster. It's retention is suprising for a open top and requires a good amount of pull to unholster it. I have no doubt it would be very tough for someone to try and take a weapon from a UBG holster against the owners will.

    It passes the jump test with flying colors. Also, I hung upside down while wearing the rig. Again, not one millimeter of movement. As a matter of fact, I ended the test as I could not take it anymore. The holster could have handled it all day no doubt and I would even feel comfortable if this had to be worn upside down for some reason. My weapon is THAT secure in this rig.

    The pull is smooth and drags nowhere. I tried for several minutes to "make" the holster snag or drag on my Glock. However, my efforts where in vain. Even when trying, I COULD NOT it happen.

    My Ugly Bald Guy rig outperforms my Galco rig (which is pretty similar) in every way I tested them including comfort.

    Bottom line, Nate has made a life long customer for leather. I have no doubt that as long as I need leather goods, he'll be the one making it for me. His price is WAY more then fair and his leather is crafted to be top notch wearable gear. I will not baby this rig, and I have no doubts it will not need it.

    Thanks for reading guys and gals,

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    Nate makes some good stuff....I saw that holster before he shipped it, at least I think its the same one....
    He's got alot of talent and in the future will be hearing ALOT more about him.
    Thanks for the review and glad you like your leather. Should last you for years to come.
    Shoot well and god bless
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..........Rush

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    Michael and Eric, thank you for your kind words. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Nate - dr_cmg mentioned we did not have your site URL on the mega list.

    I have now added it tho in the shorter term it is down the bottom as a late addition. Eventually a re-shuffle will be done to put it in order with the rest.
    Chris - P95
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    ill second any kind words said about Nate. He is great with emails, holsters, and prices. In fact he sent me an email about an upgrade he can do to my holster. I will be sending it back and he is going to do the upgrade for me. I emailed a couple ideas for a new holster and he has been working it out with me. He gets (2 thumbs up) frm me.

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    Ranger Gunleather

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    I too am now a member of the UBG holster club. I had one done for my Colt Defender/Para Carry (works perfect for both) and I will have to say it is prime. Very comfortable, looks great, has a solid grip on the gun, did I mention it is very comfortable. Lots of email updates and even a pic of it when it was just dyed black.

    You wont go wrong adding at least one of these to your accessories. I will be ordering my next one very soon for my XD.

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    I just wish I wouldn't have missed out on getting one when they were still "Holsters by Nate"
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    Just thought I'd say when I do use a OWB I like "slides" , be careful when you sit, as every once in awhile the barrel can catch on something and push it up and if not looking for it "drop" the pistol. Other than that I like the ease of those rigs.

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