Hello all

I found a gent that makes IWB kydex/leather holsters, form fitted for your handgun, for $40 shipped ($35 if you pick it up). He created this holster in "Crossbreed style" because he didn't want to pay $80 for one. I watched him make mine since I live relatively close. He does excellent work with great attention to detail, and guarantees his work. He sands the leather and kydex edges, and emory cloths the belt clip edges so they don't scrape your belt. He form fits the kydex to your pistol and tweeks it with a heat gun to insure a perfect fit. I've worn the holster alone and also with the mag holder I got all day at work two days in a row, and it is very comfortable. Weapon draws and replaces smoothly. If interested, check out this IWB holster source:

Dustin Osborn
Ozark Holster Co.

Here are pics of my 709 Slim IWB holster (how it fits against the body), with mag holder, and a holster he makes for the SP2022: