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This is a discussion on Not sure within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good evening everyone, do any of you use the Fobus ktp11 holster. I am unsure what to do, the owners' manuel of my carry gun ...

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    Cool Not sure

    Good evening everyone, do any of you use the Fobus ktp11 holster. I am unsure what to do, the owners' manuel of my carry gun does not recommend and leather holsters; because leather holsters hold in moisters which in the long run cause rust to build. Can you shde some trueth in this tail?

    Thank you... excuse my misspell.

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    leather holding moisture and rusting your gun isn't something I'd put much worry into. I use both kydex and leather holsters, as well as some that are a combination of both. I don't really see that one type of holster or the other is overall any harder on a gun's finish. Kydex tends to wear a little quicker on the retention / contact areas, and leather seems to wear slower over larger areas in my opinion. Neither one has ever created any rust problems for me though.

    edited to add: I don't own anything from Fobus, and don't intend to. I like Dale Fricke products for kydex and UBG and rgrizzle for leather holsters. Milt Sparks is well renowned in the leather world as well, but I've never been able to make myself wait as long as ordering a holster from them requires.

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    I think they are referring to storing your gun in a leather holster. Older style leather holsters used, unfinished leather on the inside which could hold moisture and if the gun was stored in it for long periods it could in fact rust.

    Newer holster are made differently and this should not be a problem. Fobus holsters have come a long way over the years and seem to be a good basic holster but there are far better choices in the same price range like Blade Tech.
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    Leather can hold moisture, but unless you store your gun for a long time in the holster it will not be a problem. That said, I have seen some people that didn't know better use chrome tanned leather to make a holster. That will rust your gun pretty fast due to the chemicals used. Now, if you get your holster wet, like you fall in the river or something, you are going to make sure it is dry before you use it again. Neither Kydex or leather is perfect, but they will both serve well.

    What gun are we talking about?

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