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Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

This is a discussion on Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by smolck I concur the belt has a lot to do with it, but a Glock 19 isn't all that heavy so if ...

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Thread: Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolck View Post
    I concur the belt has a lot to do with it, but a Glock 19 isn't all that heavy so if you carry IWB you might be able to get away with a lesser belt. The key IMO for skinny people is to wear a holster with two attachment points spread out (i.e. Galco V Hawk, Milt Sparks VM2, Galco King Tuck)
    Spot on. This "quality gun belt" notion is an urban myth. Choose a high-end iwb (meaning one that is moulded of veg tanned leather and designed to carry the pistol at about 20-25 degrees with all the grip above the belt line, at 4 o'clock if you are a rightie, pants that fit your waist, hips and butt snugly, and you can wear a string as a belt if you like. The best known design is the old Sparks Summer Special, made today by many including Del Fatti when you can wait, or Galco if you can't. By all means the "spread eagle" designs if you must, though I know from once having a 28" waist myself, you're unlikely to have the room to spare!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednichols View Post
    This "quality gun belt" notion is an urban myth.
    Let me slightly correct my statement then because I don't really agree 100% with the above. Last night I went to Wal-Mart to do the household grocery shopping (wife threw her back out) and wore my G27 in my King Tuck with my Tractor Supply Company $20 belt (thread here). After 30 minutes in wally world my belt did indeed need to be adjusted slightly, as in I had to pull the bottom of the holster up. With my Aker B-21 reinforced gun belt, this is NEVER an issue.

    Again, if you carry a lighter gun IWB you MIGHT be able to get away with a lesser belt. But a good gunbelt is a must for any type of OWB carry and makes IWB carry easier too. And if you carry 1911's like I do from time to time, a gun belt isn't an option, it is a must.
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    From one exceptionally skinny person to another........... Sheepskin!!!!

    I weigh 98 lbs (on a good day). I have nothing but skin between my bones and my gun and it hurts like ever living hell from time to time. I have a fantastic holster and a good quality gun belt. All that was missing was padding.

    So I bought some sheep skin with lots of fluffy wool and put it between my gun and my hip. Very comfortable... it stays in place better because I can cinch up my belt as tight as it needs to go without causing myself MORE discomfort.

    Very worth the $6 in wool and $2 shipping.

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    First I want you to know I value everything you say and share about holsters. But for some reason... Every regular leather belt would seem to stretch after a few week carrying my Glock 32 iwb. As mentioned by another poster... It would work... But at times I found myself needing to sinch the belt tighter an extra notch. Part of my problem may be in something you mentioned... I am very skinny and prefer casual fitting jeans over ones the fit my thighs and butt snug? I don't know. I just know... The way I dress, Wear my belt, and am built... With a G32... I went through three belts because they would stretch. A 5 stitch style belt solved that problem for me and made a huge differance.
    I'm guessing it may be that my pants waist size needs to be tighter and I'm relying on my belt to do some of the work pants would do if I wore them how you prefer?

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    Did you see the links I offered? The belt I linked is a rigger's belt, double ply. It's extremely stiff/rigid, and it will not stretch. You could repel with that belt without an issue.
    The holster noted isn't leather. It's a trigger-cover holster made of kydex that clips over the trigger guard, then has a cord that loops around your belt. When you draw the gun from your wasteband, and snap your wrist from the draw, to the presentation position, the trigger guard snaps off and falls away, to hang from your belt. That solution pretty much fixes every issue you mentioned, and is one way I often carry my own Walther PPQ.

    This setup also allows you to tuck in a shirt if need be.

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    5.11 Tactical has belts that are reasonably priced and do a great job. I bought 2 of their casual belts a couple of years ago. they have kydex in them and support a gun easily. Plus they don't look like a big thick gunbelt, so you can wear them any time.

    I recommend you wear a tucked in tee shirt. It helps keep your drawers from sinking.

    Finally, suspenders really help. And not el cheapo suspenders, those stretch out fast. Either the 2 inch wide from Perry's website or I personally like the 2 inch clip on's from Duluth Trading Co. They both can take a beating. and will last a long time.
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    as others have said, a quality gun belt will be one of your biggest assets. The stiffness of the belt helps distribute the weight of the handgun over a larger area. (I'm actually looking for another CC belt as well, I prefer leather but may give the 5 stitch wilderness belt a shot) I prefer to carry with holsters that have two attachment points for that reason as well, it tends to distribute the weight of the handgun over a greater area. Check out the SHTF Gear holster for your Glock 19. Very comfortable and will conceal the Glock 19 very well.

    Glock 19/23/32 ACE-1 Holster

    Here are a few pics.

    Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?-glock-gun-left-2000.jpgGive a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?-glock-gun-front-right-1500.jpgGive a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?-glock-gun-front-left-1500.jpgGive a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?-glock-front-right-1500.jpgGive a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?-glock-front-left-1500.jpg

    Black Arch Holsters

    SHTF Gear is now Black Arch Holsters

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