Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

This is a discussion on Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay so here's the dealio. I am a tall and very skinny guy,and every time I wear my gun in a holster it just pulls ...

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Thread: Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

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    Cool Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

    Okay so here's the dealio. I am a tall and very skinny guy,and every time I wear my gun in a holster it just pulls my pants down off my non existent back side. So I would like to know how do you skinny guys deal with this? I am buying a 1.5" cc belt from the glock store and I think that may help. Any other tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated. Also will a galco belly band type deal work? I want to wear my gun behind my left hip (I'm a lefty) and in the video it shows the gun basically just tucked into the waistband like the true thug we all know we are :). Is this type of carry comfortable?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Double-stack might be tough for a belly band if you're skinny. A real gun belt and a quality holster should do the trick. Let us know if you have problems after that.
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    Re: Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

    You MUSST have a quality gun belt. I prefer wilderness and looper belts but any purpose gun belt should work. That's true whether you're 100 pounds or 400 pounds.

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    I'll through this out there because, while it may be common sense to most, some just don't realize that you must snug down any belt that is expected to support the weight of a gun and ammunition. You also need to wear your pants high enough to position your gun above your hips. Fashionable/trendy clothes do not always allow for the proper support of that much weight.

    I don't know if this pertains to you. If it does, I hope this helps. If it doesn't, well, on to the next post.

    Good luck!
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    Give a new guy some help with cc a glock 19?

    A good gun belt is a must. I've been using a comp-Tac that I really like. Must be worn snug. Also, I've noticed a lot of the trendy pants lately don't come with enough belt loops. Why would a company only use 3 loops? That deives me nuts.

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    I make my own gun belts out of nylon webbing,kydex strips glued between the double layers of webbing and stitched,I also wear some of these under my shirt,since I carry concealed.They have plastic clips that hook under your belt so theres no chance of them unsnapping
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    Smaller pant waist, tighten belt!
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    I'm 5'7" 140lbs and wear a G19 & G23 in a bellyband with no discomfort. When going iwb with the bellyband, I use a regular dress belt as the band supports the gun very well. I position the band low on my waist for deeper concealment. This also allows me to tuck my shirt in if needed. When going owb, I use a 1 1/2" Beltman gunbelt and a pancake leather holster or a Glock Sport Combat Holster. These combinations keep the gun locked to my side very firmly even while running. It took a few months to get to this comfort zone so be patient and open minded.

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    I'm a little on the skinny side with not much for a rear end, lol. You definitely need a good gun belt, but for me I decided appendix carry was my best option.

    I love having the gun up in front. Much more comfortable and easier to keep concealed with my lack of body shape. You should atleast consider it.
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    Perry suspenders - $8 @ Wal-Mart. They hook on your belt and keep your pants where they belong.
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    The Brommeland Max-Con V, (arguably) The Best IWB Holster On The Planet - YouTube
    I wear mine at the 8:30-9:00 position because that is where it conceals best and is the most comfortable. I have no experience with the Glock belt, and recommend the Wilderness Instructor, sized six inches longer than my waist size.
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    I am a skinny guy these days at around 160 and 6ft. I carry a G-32 which is the same demensionally as the G-19. I have no problem using wilderness 5-stich instructors belt or 5.11 version (when my shirts untucked) and a reinforced IWB holster from TTgunleater at 3:30-4:30. A good belt makes such a differance. Even with my bad back... I am very comfortable wearing this setup. But with a store brand belt... They will stretch and I wasn't near as comfortable. My .02 cents...

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    One of the most comfortable IWB holsters I've found is from Remora. A very simple design that really works. Carry Glock 23/27 all day. I have Remoras for my Glock 29, 1911's and a Sig 229 as well.
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    I'd have to echo the thoughts on using a quality belt. Depending on the climate in which you live, a quality shoulder rig works well with a G19/23 if it's cool enough to get by even with a light jacket.
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    My first gun belt purchase long ago was from RafterS gun leather. I have seen some post about slow service since then, but that belt was and is priced right and I still use it today.


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