IWB comfort question

IWB comfort question

This is a discussion on IWB comfort question within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was going to post this on a recent EDC thread but didn't want to hijack... So, I don't have a gun belt and have ...

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Thread: IWB comfort question

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    IWB comfort question

    I was going to post this on a recent EDC thread but didn't want to hijack...


    I don't have a gun belt and have been struggling with wearing IWB - mostly I think because I don't like my pants tight.

    I've got a G19 and a White Hat MaxTuck and while my pants seem loose enough at the waist while not carrying, the setup just isn't very comfortable for me when sitting down. I've adjusted the carry position from 3-5 and while 5 feels better when standing it just doesn't cut it when seated.

    I know I could buy pants a little larger in the waist (I've actually got bigger sizes because of weight loss/gain) but the larger size really hangs baggy on my flat Caucasian ass!

    I've been considering a thinner gun but wonder is a PPS or Shield would make that much difference.

    Would a better belt help in this situation? Is the benefit of a gun belt only realized when wearing it tight?

    I know everybody's situation is different but just wanted to ask for some opinions from those who might have experienced the same problem.

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    Hey TNBuck,
    Been having the same issue trying to find a set up that is both comfortable and concealable. I carry a Glock 19, which is not a tiny gun. Just got a Disse Gear Any Day belt in the mail yesterday. This belt is well-made and super stiff but comfortable and looks like all my other belts. Wore it the rest of the day after it arrived sans gun and holster (we were at an event last night where cc not allowed) and it felt just like all my other belts. Planning to try it with an N82 holster and a PJ Custom Kydex holster this weekend and will report back.

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    I am going through all these same questions and scenarios. Seems everyone has their own personal preferences and comfort levels and each person has to figure out what works best for them. I have a UBG IWB for my S&W 908 (similar in size to a Shield but only slightly longer). I am starting to carry more often and get used to the IWB setup. I like how IWB conceals better but am considering getting an OWB as I have never carried that way so I have nothing to compare to. It takes some getting used to and I don't know if there is any "invisible" IWB gun/holster combo. A gun belt does make a difference, but not for comfort really. It more helps with stretching and keeping your pants up with the added weight (I also have the flat backside). It also keeps the gun tighter to your body with OWB (again addressing stretching). Good luck with your search.

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    Either cinch the belt to an appropriate tightness or put on a pair of Perry suspenders. One way or another you have a fair amount of extra weight hanging off your belt/pants. SOMETHING has to hold it in place.

    Either that or find another way to carry. Smartcarry, ankle holster, belly band .... lots of choices out there.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    At this very moment I am wearing a $20 DeSantis sof-tuck IWB @ 2:00 with a Springfiels XDS in it,
    held up by a $24 Levi's leather belt in a pair of Levi's black-jeans, under a tee shirt at work.
    I dont even feel like its there.

    I bought the sof-tuck for one reason. Adjustable cant.
    I tried different cant's and positions till I found what worked for me, then ordered
    a custom holster that fit the final determination.

    Now, to be honest I am waiting for a BearCreek holster, and a Orion Leather belt,
    but I have to say what I have on is not only concealable, but its comfortable as well.


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    I have had the same problem, I carry a commander size 1911 and it does have some weight. When I IWB carry, I often wear 5.11 pants, they have an elastic section of waistband that allows for the holster and does not require going up a waist size. Whatever you do, you should get a good gun belt.
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    This, on a Wilderness Instructor belt, is the most comfortable I have found:
    The Brommeland Max-Con V, (arguably) The Best IWB Holster On The Planet - YouTube
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    I ran across this brown dress Galco (SB9) belt at my LGS and it serves me well. It's my first "gun belt" and I like it so well I went back and got a black one also. I like it also because you can change out the buckle. Screws instead of snaps. I have the 1 1/4 inch and it is stiff also. I carry a SA 9mm compact no problems at all.

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    I also carry a glock 19 I am also very new to cc but here is my 2 cents. My girlfriend bought me a galco belly band for our 3 year anniversary and I love it! I'm left handed so my 8-9 is your 4-5 I clock, but I just wear it exactly where I would with an iwb holster but with the belly band it isn't pulling my pants down, I just put the band on under my jeans, adjust it so it feels comfy and then tighten my belt. It doesn't move or fell wierd at all. Check it out on YouTube. It worked for me

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    I just picked up one of these (Hank's Amish Belt), it's made a huge difference. It's cheaper and more durable than similar products I've found at my LGS's, they sell Galco and Brommeland and Blade-Tech belts too.

    While I'd put it above those, you will still find nicer at The Beltman. Those apparently are hard to beat.
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    I use a crossbreed IWB with a good gun belt for both my HK P2000 SK and my PPS without a problem on my flat heinie! The belt makes all the difference!

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    A good stiff gun belt (one that you CANNOT pinch together with your fingers) makes a big difference; you can almost keep those a little loose and they still do their job in supporting and spreading out the weight of the gun.
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