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Need ideas for "not so tactical looking" vests

This is a discussion on Need ideas for "not so tactical looking" vests within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Myself I wear a fleece vest if I wear a vest....usually though ifs it could enough for a vest I go on with the fleece ...

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Thread: Need ideas for "not so tactical looking" vests

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    Myself I wear a fleece vest if I wear a vest....usually though ifs it could enough for a vest I go on with the fleece zippered jacket. My arms are what gets cold first anyway..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard58 View Post
    Ur printing on ur right side..!!!
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    Re: Need ideas for "not so tactical looking" vests

    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Disclaimer: That poor oaf is not yours truly.
    Right! I wouldn't expect you to be so handsome, Mr. WHEC724. :p
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    I have an Israeli jacket that I really like. It runs a size small so make sure to order a size bigger than usual.

    Here is another thread discussing it:
    Israeli Bodyguard Jacket Review
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Disclaimer: That poor oaf is not yours truly.
    Ohhhh, you say that...NOW. Whew, good!
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    Just bought an Izod light fleece vest yesterday at Macy's - about $25. Not at all tactical looking, and it is long enough to conceal well.
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    The Filson vest mentioned earlier--they are functional, warm, wear very, very well and do not look tactical at all--and they are made in the USA.
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    Over the years I have found golf vests to be the best cover garments for concealed carry. Thanks for the links to various mfg.'s.

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    I have two Sonoma Vests that are imo overpriced but if you can catch a sale at Kohls, it may be worth it. They can fold up into its inner pocket,is soft, and light weight. They work great over t shirts and long sleeved shirts.

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    the Voyager Vest from looks very stylish, very functional and it comes in two colors. I have one of each and they work great for CCW
    Men's Voyager Vest
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    I bought my vest at Belly Bands - Blue Stone (scroll down for vests)
    It has gun pockets on both sides. I got it to be an alternate to pocket carrying my LC9 and as a cover for my shoulder holster for my G22. After testing it I found that I really wouldn't need the shoulder holster to use with it because I put the LC9 on one side and the Glock in the other side pocket and you couldn't tell that I was packing either gun. The vest has mag holders built in for several mags and multiple pockets for anything else like cell phones. I think it looks like it fits in with where I live, which is one of the important aspects of concealment, not standing out in public. It's just now getting cool enough to wear a vest in this area so I should get to try it out just any day.
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    Let's see a picture of you wearing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPO 15 View Post
    Kakadu Kelly Concealed Carry Vest - Gunn-worn Canvas - Tobacco

    I've been considering one of these for a few months, not so much for CCW; it's just that the wife likes a cold house.
    I have a Kakadu gunworn coat and I really love it! The construction is top notch and the jacket is really attractive. It has two CCW 'holsters' inside the coat between the outside and the liner, and holders for four mags. I rarely use them for CCW since I like to carry IWB but for quick trips to the store it really rocks- just stick the gun in one side and a couple mags in the other. Even when I'm not carrying I love the jacket. You can't go wrong with their stuff, much better made than most stuff you find today.
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    I like my Carhartt, or "Canadian tuxedo" as i call it. This one is a bit conspicuous, but so are the horns

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