Who in their right mind would carry a Walther PPK/S and how would they do it? :) - Page 2

Who in their right mind would carry a Walther PPK/S and how would they do it? :)

This is a discussion on Who in their right mind would carry a Walther PPK/S and how would they do it? :) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As big of a Walther and James Bond fan as I am, I don't think I'd carry one given the chance. No FPB means you ...

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Thread: Who in their right mind would carry a Walther PPK/S and how would they do it? :)

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    As big of a Walther and James Bond fan as I am, I don't think I'd carry one given the chance. No FPB means you really should carry with the safety on, but as a lefty, that becomes a bit of an issue.

    If I did get one, it'd be in .32 and I'd only shoot it for fun (and oh boy would it be fun!).
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    The one I dry fired at my LGS had such a terrible trigger that I thought it was broken. I don't know if they all have such heavy trigger pulls but I was turned off immediately.

    Is it a good choice for CCW? Maybe

    Are there better choices for CCW? Absolutely

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    If I weren't a designer/maker, my girl's pink-handled PPK would be skyfalling from this holster:

    Who in their right mind would carry a Walther PPK/S and how would they do it? :)-1969-4-b.jpg

    Give the late Paris Theodore his due, he was the right man at the right time. It's just that it expired almost immediately when the big boys joined in.

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    My PPK was made in around 1962, A cousin brought it back from Europe when he was in the army. Its a 32 auto and heavy for its size. I once used it as a CC gun but wouldn't now because other than its original mag it wont feed reliably. Ive tried Walther and after market but none have worked. Either the first or last round hangs up. DR

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    Like you, I love the idea of the pistol. I hope to own one someday but there are superior choices for CC out there these days. I think Bond used a shoulder holster so I imagine I'd follow suit.
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    I'm a PPS owner. I picked the gun up when I traded in my 642 snubbie. Honestly, it was an impulse buy. It's a great shooting gun but havent considered it as a carry option because of the size to capacity. If I cant get my hands on a Shield before summertime I might just go ahead and start carrying. After all it does have a much smaller footprint than my XD subcompact.

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    The Walther PPK/S is a gun I've always wanted not so much for carry but just to have in the collection. I mean afterall it's James Bond's gun.

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    In "right mind" maby not.. But that's a different story.

    I started carrying one off duty as a Deputy in the early 80's instead of my S&W Chiefs Special 5 shot 38. Thinner, and
    easier to IWB carry at 5 O'clock. I then went to work for a DOD contractor and requred to carry, everywhere I traveled so I carried the little PPKs. Carried it so much I wore the bluing off of it. Then made a mistake and tradded it in on a Stainless. While the stainless one also works flawlessly, I miss my origional PPKs.

    Flawless operation:

    Of PPKs requires a gunsmith or tallented owner to use a drimmil tool and polish the ramp. Then like any other carry pistol, take it to the reange and test fire the ammo your going to carry.

    380 for Defence:

    Well, some will say it is to small of a caliber, but I will call to your attention, it's not much different from a 38 Special. I will also remind you it is still in use by many police departments around the world. The object of self defense it to get a bad guy to leave you alone. And while I'm sure, I'd prefer to have a 9mm in my hand, somthing tells me that a double tap to the chest of a BG and he will leave you alone, and for that reason, I still carry mine from time to time.

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    I bought my first one in 77, an Interarms. Bought and sold several since then. Presently there's a s/s ppk/s in the safe [ interarms as well ]. I've carried them on occasion.
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    Classic gun...reliable, accurate, easy to carry and conceal. If it suits you it's a good choice and I have friends who have depended on the Walther PPK and PPK/s for decades. Congrats on yer selection....The again yer talking to a guy who carries (occasionally) a custom Colt Pocket Hammerless and has owned/shot Walthers in the past.

    Try some of the soft/sticky style holsters like a DeSantis Nemesis or Super Fly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandpiper View Post
    Just sayin'.......Seems pretty goofy to me, but then again, I'm pretty much the poster boy for idiots..........What say ye? ( I need to smack a Smiley face on this bad boy).......I love the pistol but have never owned one.......Sandpiper
    Many years ago, I carried one in a shoulder holster when I was managing a retail store. I had no problems with it.
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    Firearms are tools. I'm not a caliber guy, nor am I a fan boy.

    Hand guns are better for self defense, long guns are better for home defense.

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    How would you carry it? In a Berns-Martin clamshell holster, of course. Might take some work, though.
    Rowe/Higgins 2016!

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    I have wanted one since I started reading the James Bond novels in the early 1960s, but I have never pulled the trigger on a purchase. I keep buying big bore revolvers that I have liked since the 1950s and 1911s that I have also liked since the early 1960s.

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    If I were inclined to carry any .380, which I'm not, I would not hesitate to carry a PPK/S. Had one years ago, it was a sweet piece. BTW, I'm not knocking the .380. It's a decent round, just not for me.
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    I would love to have another PPK, 67, 68 and 69 it was one of my BUGs and in a shoulder holster when we were in court per request in street close.

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