quality ankle holster?

quality ankle holster?

This is a discussion on quality ankle holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Lately I have had to attend several funerals and weddings, with more on the way. In dress pants I can't carry my snub in my ...

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Thread: quality ankle holster?

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    quality ankle holster?

    Lately I have had to attend several funerals and weddings, with more on the way. In dress pants I can't carry my snub in my pocket so I carry on my ankle. Well I have an uber cheap elastic ankle holster which works well for about an hour. Then it slides down and the barrel digs into my ankle bone.

    I have been considering a NAA Guardian in .32ACP for these occassions, but I like the snub and a new holster costs so much less.

    Are there any quality rigs available that provide all day comfort and stay where they are supposed to? I figure there have to be some people here who have carried a snub in the line of duty for 8+ hours at a time. What works/worked for you?

    Thanks all.


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    I use a Desantis Apache with no discomfort or slipping and am on my feet 10 hrs a day. I wear Doc Martens that cover my ankles, thats probably what prevents the slipping. On some occassions I have worn atheletic shoes while working outside and still did not have any problems.

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    I use a Galco Glove Ankle holster alot and really like it. I've also heard excellent things about Alessi's Ankle holsters.

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    Here are a few choices here for ankle holsters:

    Myself, I purchased one of the Galco models.

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    When I can't carry IWB I carry in a FOBUS ankle setup w/ a J-frame. It's very comfortable to wear all day. Hardly notice it's there. It also makes a good backup when going into worse than normal areas.


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    I carry my snub in a Renegade. Good quality and excellent comfort in a nylon elastic holster for about 50 bucks. You'll need to check directory assistance in Phoenix. They don't have a website.

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    My wife mentioned that she'd like to look into an ankle holster for use with her S&W 642. That led to me giving ankle holsters some thought and doing some research.

    While I don't have any experience with ankle holsters, it seems that the ones that offer that "calf strap" (garter-like strap above the holster) would not as easily work their way downward, like the problem you described, HiWayMan.

    With that in mind, we'll likely get one of the models that has that feature. Galco does and I saw on Cops Plus website that they carry a Gould & Goodrich for $53 including such a strap. I've been pleased with other Gould & Goodrich products, so will likely go with that model.

    Hope this info helps. Cops Plus had a pretty wide selection of ankle holsters: http://www.copsplus.com/ankleholsters.php

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    In all honestly...comfort and design are the two most critical parts of an ankle holster....for these considerations I look at Lou Alessi's stuff.
    He makes the best ankle rigs around............Shoot well and god bless
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..........Rush

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    I carried my airweight centennial for about 7 years in a renagade ankle holster with the nylon strap over the rear part of the trigger guard. I sold that gun & holster to a co-worker. I bought the gun back from him 4 years later. He still has & uses the renegade. It was comfortable for 12+ hour days & never fell out during foot pursuits.

    I have heard very good things from guys who use the fobus ankle holster too.

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