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Open or closed end in holster

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Thread: Open or closed end in holster

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    Open for both. No particular reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    I feel exactly the opposite. If I'm OWB I want it closed because I'm likely open-carrying outdoors. The closed bottom minimizes the chance of foreign matter getting into my muzzle (think of a quick slip on a steep, muddy hillside filling the barrel with unnoticed dirt). If I'm IWB, my clothes are protecting my muzzle from foreign matter. As for gunk entering the top of my holster? My pistol caps the top of my holster for the vast majority of the time, so I'm gonna' be most concerned about unintended stuff entering from the bottom.
    That's a good point. My situation is a bit different because I can't really open carry, so the muzzle would be covered by either a shirt or jacket when OWB. I would go with the closed IWB to try and keep sweat and metal away from each other.

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    Several good notes so far. Mine are all open, but not for any reason on my part, that's just the way they all happened to be made. My original thought is open bottoms are nice since anything that happens to fall into the holster while the gun is out won't end up jammed up the pipe, unnoticed if you have to pull it out quick and fire it. I'm going to make my own holster that snaps into a dedicated leather jacket and was thinking about making it closed end.
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    Lots of opinions, no facts. Modern concealment holsters are made open-muzzle to make them shorter, but must then be long enough to keep the muzzle from contacting clothing after the pistol's been fired (powder transfer from the muzzle), and to keep the muzzle from contacting anything when you sit (risk of jacking the slide on a seat belt, for example). Slide holsters give it all away!

    With an IWB, the closed muzzle makes for easier insertion into the waistband. Can't be important given that we don't do that constantly, throughout our day.

    Field holsters are often closed-muzzle to protect the bore (rifling, etc.). That's by no means a hard-n-fast rule, field holsters with open muzzle are quite common. In fact it's the difference between Lawrence's Keith holster and Bianchi's Lawman holster.
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    i usually get the open end slide versions, I can use 1 holster for multiple sized glocks.
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    Opens allow your silencers to pass on through : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by rednichols View Post
    Slide holsters give it all away!
    So are you saying there are safety issues, concealment issues, or both with this type of holster?
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    With an OWB holster that exposes the slide, unless it has positive retention, the muzzle can catch on something as you sit down forcing the gun up and partially out of the holster. In this condition the trigger will be exposed and the gun is more at risk of falling out. Also, for IWB use, I've heard of others complaining they were wearing holes in their pants. I use a full-length holster for that reason. Also minimizes the lint I have to clean out of the barrel.

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