This is a discussion on Holster DISLIKES within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It seems like every holster I look at is different. Instead of asking which I should choose, I'd like to know what types you all ...

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Thread: Holster DISLIKES

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    Holster DISLIKES

    It seems like every holster I look at is different. Instead of asking which I should choose, I'd like to know what types you all have used that you disliked and why you stopped using them. I am asking for a strictly negative point of view regarding conceal and carry holsters only.


    "I hate using hard plastic holsters because they eventually leave wear marks on the finish of the slide."

    You get the picture. Thanks in advance!

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    Dislike cordura holsters - they are not comfortable, they do not "break-in", they retain weapons badly, and they close up on themselves when one's weapon is drawn, making it very difficult to reholster, one-handed.
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    Re: Holster DISLIKES

    I sold my Remora clip less holster because it had no physical attachment to my belt.

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    Any holster with 15 or more degrees of fwd cant. It's uncomfortable to carry and especially to draw from for me.
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    I dislike 'cheap' one size fits many holsters.
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    I dislike the products from the Holster Store. For me they are wickedly uncomfortable and don't break in.
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    I dislike very thick kydex used for an IWB holster. It is unnecessary and adds thickness and makes it uncomfortable for no reason. I'm referring specifically to the Comp Tac 2 o'clock. It makes a 442 feel like a Desert Eagle.


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    I dislike the idea that holsters somehow need to be comfortable. It would be nice, but I think the comfort thing is overrated, especially in a culture that demands that EVERYTHING be comfortable. If I can access the gun and present it quickly, I can live with a little discomfort. It could certainly be more painful to take a bullet or a beatdown....Sandpiper
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    Crossbreed Super Tuck or "CBST", hated it... might as well have shoved a shoe in my waistband. Was not comfortable at all, sucked to put on/take off too...

    Remora, great customer service - senseless holster. For the bulk, you may as well get a quality holster that has retention and at least a clip.

    Any of those nylon Uncle Mikes and similar varieties... save your money for a real holster.

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    My preference is for leather, belt-slide, generally a "pancake" style, wide enough to spread the load sufficiently enough to be comfortable and stable. I have carried IWB and OWB. From a sheer comfort standpoint, OWB feels better. From a concealment standpoint, IWB conceals better (for me, given my clothing/gear). I prefer to wear it strong side, with a mid-to-high ride, something with a decent forward cant, something with heavy leather, cut/stitched to avoid movement (creaking). This combination seems to work well with larger and heavier guns as well as some of the smaller/lighter variants, for me at least.

    I really dislike the cheapie materials, materials that don't "baby" my gun, designs/materials that don't snugly/strongly grip the gun, designs/materials that don't adequately hold open the holster mouth. I much prefer a snug fit, holding the gun butt closely to the body, very much disliking the floppy alternatives or ones that "print" so badly as to scream "I'm armed." Prefer a holster maker that allows certain spec variations in the order ... including belt width, cant, reinforcement additions, color.
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    I dont like breaking in tight leather holsters.

    I dont like when the belt loop holes stretch after time. It looks low-rent, even though its very minor. I'm anal about that.

    I dislike my Serpa level III. I needed to draw (quite badly) and could not due to a stick that got caught in the button (foot chase through some brush). Downright dangerous design. Its even worse because I loved that holster right up to that exact moment.

    I dont like how my Desantis leaves "leather dust" on the edges of the ejection port. Granted its a new holster, but still.

    I dont like how you have to buy 15 different holster for each gun just to find the one or two that you'll actually use. It's almost as expensive as the actual gun.

    The nylon "universal" holsters with the plastic velcro adjustable thumb break strap. Seriously...what a piece of junk. A holster made with velcro should be worn by someone who has velcro on their shoes also.

    I dont like how my dog thinks my leather holsters are food.

    I dont like how the Serpa level III attachment points move around. It's not much, but its annoying. How can they possibly think that one platform will work as well on a 1.5" belt as it will on a 2.5" belt....pinched on with plastic?!

    I dont like the idea of a SOB holster. I think they were developed by a secret underground network of anti-social chiropractors. Since when is anything in the small of your back a good idea?? Let alone an odd shaped hunk of metal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I dislike 'cheap' one size fits many holsters.
    I'll second this. High Noon (Lower end Mr Softy) and De Santis (Sof-Tuck) come to mind.
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    I don't like Pina Coladas OR getting caught in the rain!

    Oh, wrong rant (very nice by the way kb2wji... sounded like a Seinfeld episode)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis50 View Post
    Any holster with 15 or more degrees of fwd cant. It's uncomfortable to carry and especially to draw from for me.
    You took the words right out of my mouth, Luis. I have one & it's not too bad if you wear it behind your hip. Since I bought mine I found that's what it was made for. Otherwise I'm not too fussy about holsters. I can generally adapt but each time I put one on I practice draw a good 6 or more times to make sure I've got muscle memory for the position I'm using at the time. I have a holster (can't think of the brand offhand) that works good for 3:30 - 4:30 & appendix positions. To get that from one holster is a plus for me. As I recall it was relatively cheap.

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    I dislike (distain, actually) small of the back holsters. It's almost impossible to draw without targeting your OWN strong-side kidney. And if you ever get knocked onto your back, it holds a 1.5 lb. piece of steel (your handgun) in the ideal location to seriously damage your spine. It's like landing backwards, squarely on a brick (don't ask how I know).

    I also dislike crossdraw holsters without a manual retention feature. Without any, it puts your handgun in the ideal position & orientation for a front-facing gun snatch with very little leverage or angle available for you to defend against losing control of your handgun.

    Lastly, I don't like hat holsters. Luckily, you don't see many of them.
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