I've been looking at a Fobus paddle holster for my LCP in the store for a few weeks now but never had money to spend on one. About a week ago one of the forum members (forgot who) bought one for their LCP and recommended it. My wife picked one up for me yesterday, I know some people here have bad experiences with Fobus holsters but it seems that the quality changes a lot depending on the model you get, and I haven't seen any complaints so far on the LCP holster from online reviews.

I tried a few IWB holsters but the gun kept digging into my side when I would sit down. So here's my quick review.


Despite what some people say, the holster (at least this model) seems to be constructed pretty well.
Quickly clips onto any pants or shorts, no need for a belt, doesn't come off when you draw (if it does just loosen the tension screw)
Sits up high enough to be covered by a normal t shirt
Rides pretty close to your body, enough to get a good draw.
Extremely comfortable, can't tell it's there half the time.


It will make some wear from rubbing on the sides of the trigger guard, but it's not very noticeable and doesn't bother me.

If you're looking for an OWB holster for your LCP I'd highly recommend this. Best part is it was only $35 at the store, I think amazon has them for $22-25+shipping too.