Hey everyone new to the forum here and I have a few questions. I'm going to be buying an m&p .40c after the first of the year and I'd like to find a good OWB concealment holster for it. I'm 6'4" and about 250 lbs my normal everyday wear is jeans and baggy shirts. Material doesn't matter but I would like it to ride kinda high to keep the muzzle from poking out the bottom of my shirt. I'd also like some kind of retention device. I'm a lefty and currently wear my double stack full size .45 iwb at the 7-8 o'clock position. I'd also like something that is kind of easy on/easy off but not easy enough that it is easily stripped off or anything like that. I don't want any info regarding IWB holsters simply because when I do go to buy one its going to be a crossbreed supertuck seeing as I already have one and it works very well for my current carry weapon. Model numbers prices pictures or links would be very much appreciated. Any information at all would be very helpful thank you.