new to carrying

new to carrying

This is a discussion on new to carrying within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've never carried and am looking for some suggestions. I just got berreta px4 subcompact and am looking for some advice on how carry. I ...

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Thread: new to carrying

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    new to carrying

    I've never carried and am looking for some suggestions. I just got berreta px4 subcompact and am looking for some advice on how carry. I know this pistol is pretty chunky and I'm not a real big guy (6'1 190). Any suggestions on a good holster? A good position to carry in? I won't be able to carry all the time, likely just on weekends and evenings if I go out. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hi, and welcome! I'm a relative newcomer to shooting/carrying myself, and have already begun to assemble the inevitable "box o' holsters." The bottom line is that what works for one person might not work for you. That being said, IWB at 3:30-4:00 is a popular carry position for many good reasons. It's generally comfortable, easy to conceal, and easy to draw from. My favorite holsters at this point are Kydex, from Comp-Tac. If you want to experiment with different carry positions, consider a Remora.
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    As Topsider said, what works for one may not work for another.

    The phrase that comes to mind goes something like this...."Carrying a gun isn't supposed to be comfortable, it's supposed to be comforting."

    That doesn't mean carrying has to be uncomfortable, but carrying a few pounds of extra steel and lead does take some getting used to.

    As for me, my favorite method of carry is Inside the Waistband (IWB) at the 3:30-4:00 position but I've also started playing with Appendix Inside the Waistband Carry (AIWB). I carry Glocks which are also a bit on the chunky side but with the right holster, belt, and clothing selection they are a breeze to hide. Holsters are important, but belts are just as if not more important. They support the weight and can make a heavy gun feel light or a light gun feel heavy depending on the quality. Also, make sure you dress wearing clothes your size. Most trendy stores run a size too small, but outdoorsy places sell clothes that hang right and cover well.

    I have posted most of these pictures up elsewhere in the forum, but I will throw them in again because they fit the topic.

    My daily carry is a Glock 19. I use an Ares Gear Ranger belt, Raven Concealment holster (have one for pistol with light too), Raven mag carrier, and Raven Surefire flashlight carrier for my E2D.

    I've recently started experimenting with AIWB carry as it would allow me to conceal a larger full sized Glock 17 just as easily as the Glock 19 I usually carry. I've been using a Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 for that role but they only make them for Glocks at this time so it wouldn't help you much. However, AIWB carry is worth looking into. It has really opened up my eyes as far as concealing a larger pistol goes.

    Hope those give you some ideas!

    Good luck and don't be afraid to try things out. If it doesn't work there will be plenty of people ready to buy your gear from you. Most important thing is a good solid gunbelt and the dedication to carry whenever and wherever you can! You can't choose the time you may need your pistol!

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    There are many factors involved: What do you normally wear? Do you have a concealed carry permit and is that required in Alabama? Do you normally wear your shirt inside your pants or outside? This is a small gun, will a pocket holster work for you? I have found cross draw is best for me because I am often setting or driving. If you want to have some fun and learn about your gun and yourself, buy some kydex and make some holsters. It is really easy with a heat gun and a coping saw and a handful of Chicago screws or rivets.
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    Carry IWB at about 3:30. Get a MaxTuck from White Hat Holsters and you can avoid having a drawer full of holsters Concealed Handgun Holsters and Holster Parts & Accessories - White Hat

    When you change your carry gun all you have to do is change the kydex for under $20.

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    I am a similar build to you. I carry in an old faithful iwb tuckable at 3:30. I also Carry owb in a galco cops at the same position.

    Go to a local gun shop with a decent holster selection. They will be happy to let you try anything they have. Even if they don't have a certain style for your specific gun they will usually have some great suggestions and experience to share.

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    I think a hybrid design would probably work great for you. SHTF Gear give you the features of a hybrid holster without the "bulk" that is sometimes associated with these holsters. SHTF Gear holsters are some of the narrowest in the market of hybrid holsters. Its a buyers market out there with quality holsters from a number of manufacturers (Some of the best sponsor this forum).

    Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact (9/40) ACE-1 Holster

    Here is a pic that shows the main features of the SHTF Gear Holster, which is designed for comfort and function.

    new to carrying-feature-small.jpg

    Black Arch Holsters

    SHTF Gear is now Black Arch Holsters

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    Clay makes great holsters. My EDC is a Beretta PX4 Compact, in an SHTF ACE-1 holster. Of course mine had to be made for the "correct" hand.
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    new to carrying

    I am 6' 195lbs and was using a hybrid holster until I ordered a FusionPac. I really like the idea of my body supporting the weight of the gun instead of my belt, I have been wearing mine for about 2 months and it is my go to holster because it is easy to put on, easy to tuck, and very comfortable at the 3 o'clock position. There is a video you can watch at

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    I like the Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro for all my carry guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksholder View Post
    I like the Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro for all my carry guns.
    I strongly agree, best OWB (3:30-4) I have owned. For IWB, a Supertuck at 4:30.

    Remember, a good quality gun belt is essential.
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    Im 5ft 9in 195lbs I carry my m&p9c in a galco king-tuk iwb at 3:00 position. And so far thats the best holster I have tried. And trust me I have that proverbial box o holsters. But like others have said its an indivdual prefereance.

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