need CC belt for dress and docker-type pants

This is a discussion on need CC belt for dress and docker-type pants within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I've got a double layer lather gun belt from a small manufacturer. Great belt, very sturdy. Great for IWB. But it simply doesn't work ...

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Thread: need CC belt for dress and docker-type pants

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    need CC belt for dress and docker-type pants

    So I've got a double layer lather gun belt from a small manufacturer. Great belt, very sturdy. Great for IWB.

    But it simply doesn't work for the clothes I wear. It's so thick that it barely fits through the loops once, and there's no way the end will feed back through.

    Can't buy all new pants.

    So I'm looking for
    1) 1.25 to 1.5 belt
    2) single layer of leather or single layer of leather with some sort of 'plastic' reinforcement (webbing would be a DISTANT third choice)
    3) really don't want the 'tacticool' look and it wouldn't fit it where I work



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    I wear this one, all day every day.
    XDS IWB and OWB.

    Orion Leather Company

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    I also reccomend Galco
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    I've got two FatBoy Belts that I really love. They are single layer but still pretty thick. I'm not sure how thin Curt goes on his belts. It's got a different look to it so it may not be what you are after. He has an Etsy page that he sells from.

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    I bought a belt at BJ's the other day since my current belt was dead and I couldn't really wait on a mail order belt. It is a Levi's, solid leather, quite sturdy, and very fashionable. It was only 16 bucks and gives me plenty of support for my Walther PK380 on my OWB holster.
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    The Galco SB1 and SB3 are true dress belts with tapered edges and a reinforcement liner designed to support a light to medium weight handgun. The SB3 1 1/2" fits the loops of my Sunday-go-to meetin' suits.

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    How about having the loops on your pants opened up a bit? A tailor, nice wife, or anyone with a thimble and some patience could probably do it. Usually the loops already have some extra "slack" but if not, if the pants/trousers are hemmed, fabric can be taken from the cuff to match.

    If your double layer belt is 1.75" and your holsters are the same....getting a new belt isn't "cheaper" or "easier" than just altering belt loops.


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    I ran into that with some evil dress pants that I had to wear recently. I wan't carrying but the only belt I have is my Black Crossbreed belt. It went through the loops snugly but when I got around to putting the excess through a loop again well it was tough but I got it in there.
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    3,658 look nice enough for any occasion, not too fancy for every occasion.
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    I use a CrossBreed and Galco, they work well for me.
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    I have two Bullhide belts that are excellent but are a bit thick. For dress pant you might want to look into dress belts made for carry that have a stiffener built in such as Beltman makes. Their site should provide some good information about what your looking for.
    Gun Belts by The Belt Man | tel. (919) 387-1997 | DUAL-LAYER BULL HIDE BELTS There are other makers that are good belts so I'm not trying push anyone. These belts are bit pricey but will last you a lifetime.
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    Several mentioned Galco. They have nice belts that are much dressier (IMO) than most. You might be able to get away with one of my favorites in the "economical" market, the Aker B21. The black one I have is quite nice for dress pants and exceptionally stiff. Galco still has offerings that are much dressier though.
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    I like beltman belts but I also have a Blackhawk Carbon fiber reenforced belt that I like BLACKHAWK! CQC Pistol Belts - BLACKHAWK!
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