I just like to give my review and pass some info on a great OWB CCW holster for ur Glock. I ordered a Safariland OWB pancake style lined holster #328-383-61 for my Glock 20SF 10mm. It has two different cants that can allows the pistol to be carried on the strong side. Also this holster rides high enough to allow it to be concealed under a short jacket or sweater without showing the bottom of the holster which is open at the bottom which I prefer over a closed one. The cants of the holster does allow for purposeful bending over and is tight against the body so that it really works in not printing bad such a large weapon. I have carried pistols and revolvers for over thirty years as a LEO and I can say that it spreads out the weight well for a fully loaded high cap mag full size gun. This holster also has a thumb snap retention system that's tight and holds the Glock securely to prevent a possible gun grab. I have a high noon holster and it feels like the same material their black in stock holster are made from. It is also approved for IDPA matches. I shopped around and got my holster for NIB for forty bucks shipped online.
Here's the site http://www.safariland.com/DutyGear/product.aspx?pid=328

Just a citizen giving my advise on my experience and not in any way associated with Safariland.