I'm having a hard time shopping for a holster. It's not necessarily the holster part that is the challenge as it is the "mounting" option.

This will be for a Glock 20 with a TLR1 light. I've pretty much settled on the Blade-Tech holster as it was the only manufacturer i could find that supported the weapon light I wanted. The question i have is with the belt mount. I'm extremely intrigued by the G-CODE RTI system, and I know they make an adapter for BT holsters, but it seems that a lot of people feel the RTI system sticks out too far. bladetech makes the tek-lok, but the way it folds looks like it would be a pain to get on and off.

Does anyone have any experience with using a BT holster with RTI? If not, any experience with either that I need to look out for, or alternatives to look at? Thanks!