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First IWB

This is a discussion on First IWB within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought about a month ago a DeSantis IWB Scorpion for my K40.Works real nice UNTILL you strap it on and then you can't draw ...

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    First IWB

    I bought about a month ago a DeSantis IWB Scorpion for my K40.Works real nice UNTILL you strap it on and then you can't draw to save your life I've loosened the tension screws still no good!What can you do to make these things work? I bought it cause being left handed the local shops around here just don't offer much for lefties other than uncle mikes.Also being ummm rather short and stocky it is very concealed without having to wear real bulky clothes to make me look even fatter I had disc surgery right after buying it so I couldn't really try it untill now!
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    Try wrapping the gun in 2 layers wax paper and putting it in the holster for a day

    With the tension screw all the way loose that should stretch the holster some but not too much

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    Leather lightning does wonders.You can buy it through Mitch Rosen.
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    Sorry for your experiance with it , first off i would say put you pistol in a couple of ziplock bags , then in the holster overnight . Second i would say that we have a fiew of the better custom leathersmiths on this board as members , try contacting one or more of them for a solution with your current holster , or a holster that will work for you .
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    Isn't the Scorpion a Kydex holster? I think it is. If so, a low-set blow dryer should work.
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    Since I discovered the "bag" method I haven't needed to use silicone spray but, it sure does slick up the inside of a holster! Might work on Kydex?
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    Wax paper method works best IME

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    Baby powder the leather inside. It will help release the gun from the leather and side benefits it will stop squeaks.

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    kydex typically requires heat to re mold . Otherwise it will just return to original dimensions and shape. Liquid or powder will not affect it.
    Either use a hair dryer on hi setting or low flame from a stove, just letting the heat wash over the holster w/ gun in it. do not remove the gun till the holster is cool.
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    Since you mentioned your size, is it possible you have the belt too tight? I've found this will hold the gun in. You might try loosing the belt a notch, and see if that helps.

    I've started to use the Wilderness belt since you can control the exact fit, and not rely on the holes found in the usual belt.

    Hope this helps.
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