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Thread: Hybrid Holster troubles

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    Question Hybrid Holster troubles

    I purchased a hybrid leather/kydex holster and after a couple of weeks a grove was cut into the holster. I did not do any sort of "breaking in" of the leather as I am new to concealed carry and did not know it may be necessary. After contacting the company, I was even told there should not be any need to break in the holster. After sending in some pictures of the holster, I was asked to ship the holster to them so that they could get a better look. After four weeks, I emailed them asking for a refund because I was never told what happened to my holster. I quickly received a response saying that they will not give a refund because they felt it was "normal wear and tear." But they did offer to ship the holster back to me. I can't believe that the grove is from normal wear and tear in such a short amount of time. Here is a few pictures of the holster. What do you guys think? Thank you.

    2013-03-04 21.37.17.jpg2013-03-04 21.37.29.jpg2013-03-04 21.39.09.jpg

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    Having never carried a revolver in a hybrid IWB holster, I guess I can't say one way or the other, but just the fact that you are carrying something round, as opposed to flat, I would think would probably cause wear like that. I think you'd want to go with something less pliable if you want the holster to hold that cylindrical shape because I doubt any leather/kydex combination would be able to do that.
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    What you have there is normal forming of the leather to the gun from wearing it. That will happen with any kydex/leather hybrid holster from any maker.

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    Keep in mind that with most hybrid holsters you have the grain or smooth side of the leather against the gun. This portion of the leather is more prone to show wear marks than the flesh side. I could see that being caused by normal wear. I haven't seen that type of wear on my holsters designed for revolvers, but it could be a component of the type of leather they used.

    I can say that generally speaking, hybrids look worse faster than holsters where the wear happens on the flesh side of the leather. But that shouldn't effect the useability.

    The only other thing I would go buy is what maker did that come from. If it was from a reputable source with a lifetime warranty, then I would tend to trust them. I can't give any further suggestions because its hard to tell the extent of the wear in pictures (I know those pix make it look pretty bad, but I would also want to see it to maker a determination).

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    It's hard to tell by the pics (is it reflection or is the black rubbed off?), but it still looks like normal wear to me?

    All of my hybrids have compressed grooves in the shape of the gun they carry, I see it as a good thing.
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    I think that is perfectly normal wear and tear and is part of the forming process. If you look closely, the leather is not cut, but has formed itself around that portion of the gun through wearing it. Any protrusion will quickly make its own little nest in the leather. My glock 22 has done the same thing, and it has no protrusions. Different guns will have different wear characteristics based on design, but I see nothing out of the ordinary in any way. You have to expect a contact surface to to show wear when friction and pressure are applied. It is the same thing as a holster wearing the bluing off a gun after many cycles of drawing and reholstering. Have them ship it back to you and carry with confidence.
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    Hey at least it shows you do carry.
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    Looks normal to me.
    Mine did the same thing. Its part of the "Breaking-In" process. Loosen up the retension if it really bothers you,but I recommend it pretty snug so it doesn't easily fall out , or pulled out from another person.

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    Ah, revolver. The groove is exaggerated by the maker's use of 'surface dyed' leather. Leather that is 'struck through' is costlier and sometimes downright hard to source. And holstering (as opposed to drawing) while wearing an iwb makes it worse, than if it were an owb.

    The maker's only real solutions would be to 1) not make revolver holsters as unsuited to the 'flatsider' effect, or 2) actually mould the leather, as they have done with the kydex. I wouldn't expect they'd be doing either one.
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    The pics make me think it's normal wear, too.

    Not sure about their service though. If I were to send something back for inspection, I'd expect to have heard something within a week or 2 of them receiving it; and if the item wasn't being replaced, I'd expect the original to be sent back the day after it was inspected.

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    What Brand is it?

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    Looks like the front of the revolver cylinder does not have a radius and is scrapeing leather, Looks normal to me.

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    I have a Comp-Tac Gladiator for a 1911-LONG way from this holster and gun, but illustrating a point-the front of the slide of my Colt Commander was tearing it apart like this. Found that this gun and evidently most Colts have a razor sharp leading edge on the slide. Did a bevel on the leading edge and it is much easier to holster and no more scraping. You or someone you know can do it can add a slight bevel to what is probably a razor sharp leading edge of the cylinder and improve the situation. I'm not sure a hybrid holster is not going to pick up some pretty visible wear from any revolver without some serious re-engineering like Mr. Nichols describes.
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