I started carrying today...

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Thread: I started carrying today...

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    Unhappy I started carrying today...

    I bought a Nemesis to carry my SW 642. I am hypernervous because I think I am printing but no one has mentioned anything. Maybe I am just overreacting or maybe I need a different holster for my khakis.
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    Congrats and you are fine. Even if you print, as long as it is not obviously a gun you are fine. I carry a wallet and keys in my other front pocket and that prints more than the gun in my right pocket does. In over 42 years no one has even asked me if I had a gun on me and even my friends who know I carry think I do not carry when I am out with them because they cannot see a gun and think that all holsters are like those used by LEO with big and bulky guns in them that would be obvious while I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. One person once asked me point blank that even though they know that I carry, just where in heck do I hide my gun so that they could not see it. I pulled it out of my pocket, just that one time because it was a best friend interested in carrying but thought it would be difficult to conceal. He had never heard of a pocket holster or guns that you can carry in your pocket so easily. That man is Massad Ayoob. No, just kidding. It was just a friend who now carries. :)

    The more you carry the more you will realize that most people are so wrapped up in their own lives that they pay little attention to others. I carry all the time and I do not even look for guns on people. Heck, I cannot even tell you what my wife is wearing today and I was just watching her work in the garden for 10 minutes. :) I know in Florida there is no law against printing. Just need to have your gun covered so that it cannot be seen by a casual observer. Says nothing about printing. However I would not advise printing so much that the outline is obviously a gun. That is one of the reasons we use pocket holsters to hide the outline of the gun. A bulge in your pocket is perfectly legal and will be thought of as something other than a gun. Might even attract a few women. :)

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    With people carrying cell phones and other things these days, would say most won't even notice the gun even if you print at times.

    You'll get used to carrying and not even worry about it ...
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    Congrats! Give it a few days and you'll forget you have it on.
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    Welcome to the asset column
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    Welcome and congradulations on joining the carry community. Like they said - your fine, no one is noticing. In a week or two you'll find yourself pretty used to it.

    Stay safe and practice often.
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    Congrats and stay safe. The nervous part will disappear with time.
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    I can carry a Ruger Gp100, with a 4 inch barrel, and nobody notices. You have nothing to worry about.

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    No one is probably going to notice, but IF you are feeling a bit funny about it, just wear a slightly bigger cover shirt. This will solve your concern.
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    If you have a bulge in your pocket, make sure it isn't in the rear.

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    Check yourself in the mirror. If you are honest I bet you won't see anything that actually looks like a gun.

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    Waiting for my holster and I will be carrying as well.....
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    Welcome to the club! It's like any wardrobe change, gets easier with practice. Now load up on carry guns and ammo and stay safe
    Great weapon btw. I pocket or iwb carry a 442 daily.
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    A j-frame in a Nemesis holster is a very good way to carry. I would doubt if anyone would notice a slight bulge, and even then, it just looks like you have something in your pocket, a cell phone or a wallet. I can't think of a more unobtrusive way to carry a weapon than the way you are doing it right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrano View Post
    I bought a Nemesis to carry my SW 642. I am hypernervous because I think I am printing but no one has mentioned anything. Maybe I am just overreacting or maybe I need a different holster for my khakis.
    Assuming you've got a few people that you know who know you carry, ask them if they can tell whether you're carrying at the moment. Often, it can be hard to tell, for ourselves. Or, take a few photos, then post them here. I'm sure we'll give you some opinions.

    Congrats on the new responsibilities!
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