New holster arrived. Am I being too picky?

New holster arrived. Am I being too picky?

This is a discussion on New holster arrived. Am I being too picky? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ordered a IWB appendix style holster for my LCP. No recent reviews but all were good, and I really liked the minimalistic styling. Ordered the ...

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Thread: New holster arrived. Am I being too picky?

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    New holster arrived. Am I being too picky?

    Ordered a IWB appendix style holster for my LCP. No recent reviews but all were good, and I really liked the minimalistic styling. Ordered the holster, everything seemed to go fine, guy responded to my email about the mag holder in a timely manner. Made the order for the holster only figuring if I wanted more rounds/firepower, I would carry my glock. Changed my mind and emailed him to add it as their wasnt an answer on the phone. Forgot about it till 2 weeks later (he did ship exactly on lead time). Was completely excited to get my holster, but its not near what I was expecting. First two pics are stock photos, showing complete coverage of slide by sweat shield. Mine is cut/shaped different, covers mag release instead of going around, thats fine. My problem is that over 1/2 in of gun is sticking out, so its not a full sweat shield like advertised. I'd prefer the full shield for comfort as this is a high ride ( I like the ride height) and dont like the feel of the cold steel on my bare skin. My next problem is, its advertised as including a belt loop. Didnt get it. Didnt even come with the clip pictured. I prefer the easier way to remove the one thats pictured, but this one would prob work as a j hook if I reversed it, so whatever. My last and biggest complaint is the molding. Rather than the pistol being parallel to the fold, it angles away from it towards the bottom, more than 1/2 in or so vs the ones pictured online. I understand the need for a sight channel, but because of the smaller sweat shield and molding, it doesnt matter how much I tighten the retention screw, the pistol will "wobble" or rock back and forth in the holster. I cant draw the pistol its so tight, but I still get the wobble. How long should I give him to respond before I open a dispute with paypal? I'll leave the mfr's name out of it till I get a resolution. Thanks

    ETA, the pic was taken with an iphone, pistol was unloaded, and phone held over the holster, with muzzle pointing at nothing but the phone. No Iphones were harmed or in danger at any time.
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    New holster arrived. Am I being too picky?-img_0430-1-.jpg  

    New holster arrived. Am I being too picky?-img_0431-1-.jpg  

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    I don't know who you got that from, and I don't know what it cost, but I would not be the least bit happy with that holster. You touched on the forming of it. Well, that hot forming just plain sux, period. Won't get into the clips or sizing or whatever, because if you can't form a simple little piece of kydex properly, you have no right selling them for profit.

    I would absolutely be on the phone with that "maker" discussing options.

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    Just take it to the guy and smack him upside the head with it.
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    That small a gun why not pocket holster

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    The fact that it covers the mag release alone would P me off! Me being impatient, especially when someone sells me 3rd rate work, I wouldn't give him anymore then 3 days before I was filing any and every complaint I could! If he's any kind of business man (very questionable in this case) he should be checking his messages everyday...Good Luck!

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    Yeah not only covers the slide release, which I see as possibly a good thing. It makes getting a fast grip even harder. I hate that stupid gap at the sight channel and I agree on the clips as well. You could have done a better job making your own in the kitchen with a microwave. I bought 2 holsters off Ebay that both had issues and neither of them were helpful or wanted to give a refund. Gave one neg feedback and the other was too late, I'd already gave positive. First see what the refund policy is. I would send that plastic POS back. There are a lot of good LCP holsters out there, some cheap and good.

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    Just notify him that you're returning it. I'm going to assume (for your own protection) you paid with a credit card, or Paypal... yes? If you did, he is obligated to refund, or you'll get your money anyway.

    Give the company the chance to do the right thing and back up their product. The one you received is a poor representation of the product picture shown, and is not the same in several aspects, as you've pointed out. This is more than enough for a claim if the company won't willingly provide a refund.

    When you send it back, use a trackable method for sure. You have to have proof it was received by them in return. I hope it works out well. Good luck.
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    I have the same holster from Aholster. Give them a call and e-mail them the pictures and I'm sure he will make things right.

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    I would give him the opportunity to make it right.
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    "Make it right," you mean, remake the whole holster, and have someone else do it.

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    I wouldn't wast a lot of time with this guy. Get in contact with him and simply tell him if he can't resolve this issue, then you'll dispute the charges w your CC company.
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    I'd still give him a chance to make it right...
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    By all means, give them a chance to make good. I would have never let that one go out of my door, but stuff happens. The real test will be how your issues are addressed.
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    Yup, give him a chance. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm amazed that people are telling you to jump to the credit card charge back option. If you trusted the guy enough to give him your money with nothing in return for 2 weeks, why wouldn't you trust him enough fix the issue? If he doesn't, then you can look at that option. You won't be winning any friends if you say "Well you better fix this or I'll call my CC company!"

    In the holster business, customer service is very important, hopefully he understands that and cares enough about his business to get you squared away.

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    Yikes. That thing is awful blocky. If its going in the crease of my waist appendix style, I want as little extra material as possible with a neutral cant and a slight grip tuck. I've never ordered from them but if you want a minimalist appendix style for a smaller gun, you might want to check out PJ Holster. He can customize it to your liking. JM Custom Kydex does some impressive work too. I've had issues with a seller before that lasted months and months only to still get an inferior product but it sounds like this company has a loyal fan base which means there's a good chance you'll be taken care of. Even the best companies send out a lemon every now and then.

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