Made an impulse buy today, got a Galco Double Time all Kydex for my M&Ps. I have both a full size and a compact M&P, I got the holster for the full size so I can use it for both. I like minimalist holsters and carrying IWB, plus with the brutally hot Texas summers, I want something impervious to sweat. I was at a local Cabela's looking for ammo (hah!) and fondling ARs (of which they had many at decent prices), I was perusing the accessory aisles and looking at holsters and saw this. I thought about getting one for my Glock 27 but decided to go with one for the M&Ps. I had looked at this holster online before but never bought one, I like that it gives the flexibility to possible use OWB also, I don't plan to ever OC but could carry OWB in the winter with a jacket on. I have done this with a SERPA before with no issues. Here it is with my full size M&P in it:

Got a New Holster Today!-image.jpg