IWB holster carrying

IWB holster carrying

This is a discussion on IWB holster carrying within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Folks I have question for all the readers that use IWB holster. Has anyone found a really good way to keep the pants tightened up ...

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Thread: IWB holster carrying

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    IWB holster carrying

    Folks I have question for all the readers that use IWB holster. Has anyone found a really good way to keep the pants tightened up throughout the day while carrying. Starts off good but it seems that by midday after alot of movement, Iam constantly pulling up the pants. I use a fully adjustable belt but I cant see to get it tight enough to stay. Any work arounds to this issue or do I just leave with. I would appreciate the comments.

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    A good belt/holster combo helps. I find occasionally I have to discretely adjust if carrying my biggest pistol(HK USP) . you didn't mention what you are carrying , or what holster setup.
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    Where do you position your weapon? Is it at 3:00? If so maybe try positioning it at 4:00, 4:30 or 5:00 so you have more hip to keep pants up.

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    Also, do you use a regular belt or a true gunbelt? BIG difference!
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    First off, Welcome aboard!!!. In answer to your question, a good gunbelt (as already mentioned) will make a huge difference. For those of us belonging to the "Fraternal Order of the Eternally Buttless", you may also need to go with a pair of suspenders in addition to the gunbelt.

    A lot of it depends upon how heavy of a gun you carry. My steel frame 1911 gives me a case of "droopy drawers", but my Glock 17 does not. (As you can probably guess, I am a plank holder in the F.O.E.B. mentioned above).

    Concealment is a series of trade-offs. Proper, practical concealment is a matter of finding the series of trade-offs that best suits you.

    Please feel free to give me a call (423.733.1779) - I'll be more than happy to discuss your specific situation in more detail (and you don't have to buy a holster, either ).

    Good luck with your search - and again, welcome to Combatcarry.com!

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    Everyone is correct...use a true gun belt with the IWB....Call Mitch Rosen he will hook you up. Not cheap by any means but worth every cent. The gun and pants stay where you want it. First decide what you really want to carry all the time as the good rig and matching belt will set you back some change. The holster quality is as important as the firearm quality.

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    It's ALL in the BELT!!!

    Look into the Wilderness 5-stitch instructors belt.

    I ordered mine 4" larger than my pant (waist) size. I carry a Glock 19 in a C-TAC IWB.
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    Wear suspenders, preferrably the "logger" style that attaches to buttons on the trousers waistband.

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    From one new member to another, Welcome to the Club!

    It was on this forum that I learned about Gary Brommeland's holsters and noticed all of the positive feedback on his products, and on his character.

    I've spoken to him on more than one occasion, and he offers unbiased, practical advice on CCW carry that is exceedingly informative and useful. (I have his Def-Con and Max-Con on order).

    You may want to take him up on his offer to give him a call! I guarantee you'll end the call better informed than when you began. :)


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    If you look at the wilderness 5 stitch belt's I would recommend geting the polymer-line option. Much stiffer and will hold better throughout the day. I have an unlined 5 stitch and holding up my Colt all day I find I'm adjusting also. I also have a Mich Rosen leather gun belt that works like it should. The leather gun belt's are double thickness and are not comparable to anything you can buy in a store. A well fitted gun belt will change your carry life. The wilderness 5 stitch is a nice option for when waiting for a leather belt, at the range, training, etc. I actually wear my 5 stitch more than my leather belt just due to my dress attire.

    As far as holsters, they also make a world of difference from a cheap POS.

    A holster and belt combo from any maker on this site, you just can't go wrong.

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