Just wanted to post a few quick comments about the SHTF Gear horizontal mag holder. So far I'm really liking it! First, the downside- it's a little small for my intended use. It's my own fault, really, just didn't read the description closely enough. It says it fits double column compact and semi-compact guns (up to 13 rounds) but I missed that part. My HK USP 9 mag doesn't really fit it. I can cram it in there but there's not enough flap to close around it and it's almost too snug to pull out. Again, my fault for not reading the description better.

The good news is my Beretta Nano mags fit great! What a great design, too. The holder is quick and easy to add and remove to the belt with just one snap. Despite just one snap though it's very secure. The horizontal carry is so unobtrusive and comfortable I hardly knew it was there, yet it was easy to access the mag.

I'd say this one's a keeper! I do with though that there was a version that would accommodate a full sized service pistol mag.