Holsters - Price doesn't always = Quality

Holsters - Price doesn't always = Quality

This is a discussion on Holsters - Price doesn't always = Quality within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello guys, I'm new here but have been visiting for some time as a guest and it's a great forum. I've noticed that custom and ...

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Thread: Holsters - Price doesn't always = Quality

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    Holsters - Price doesn't always = Quality

    Hello guys, I'm new here but have been visiting for some time as a guest and it's a great forum.

    I've noticed that custom and semi-custom holster prices are not necessarily an indication of quality, what's your experience?

    For example, I bought a Simply Rugged Silver Dollar pancake holster with belt at a reasonable price 6 years ago and both have been fantastic quality. The service was also first class.
    I also bought a Ken Null ankle holster, which was expensive but is excellent quality and the service was great.

    Then there are other suppliers who are expensive but who get consistently poor reviews on quality, leather is too thin, long waiting periods, deadlines missed etc.

    How do you rate someone like Desantis for example? There prices are very reasonable, they always get good reviews and make a great product.

    I guess price isn't always an indication of quality...

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    I bought a Desantis and even though it said it would fit my Sig it wasn't even close to fitting. Returned it and bought a cheap Blackhawk (like $10) that fit much better until I could afford a Crossbreed. My Crossbreed is a perfect fit and I love it, well worth the money. My advice is to go with a trusted manufacturer like Crossbreed or see if you can find a cheap one that works for you if you don't want to spend that kind of money.

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    Welcome to the forum. When I first bought my Walther PPS the only holster I could find for immediate purchase was an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. After receiving my Comp-tac MTAC the Uncle Mike's was retired and looked down on. When cold weather hit I found that the MTAC was pretty inaccessible tucked under a heavy winter coat. It was then that I discovered the beauty of the inexpensive Uncle Mike's. I guess my point is that not only is price not always the best indicator of quality, function factors in there as well.
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    Welcome to DC! My experience has been along the lines of "you get what you pay for." A given holster, even an expensive one, may not be right for you but at least the spendy one is usually well made. On the other hand I can't think of any super-cheap holster that has ever worked well for me. I have a pretty cheap leather Ace Case and it's not terrible but I rarely use it because it doesn't work very well.

    So far I've been very happy with Garrett Industries Silent Thunder holsters. They're kydex shells with a leather liner. I have three of them for various guns, two of the IWB and one STX 2.0, and they're fantastic rigs. At around $85-$110 they're not cheap but not the most expensive either.
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    Price doesn't always = Quality
    You're right. Quality = Quality, and that occasionally closely corresponds to price.

    Depends on the design. Depends on the materials and execution. And as an added bonus, occasionally it comes with great business sense, customer service. I'm willing to pay for the former. I'm occasionally willing to overlook the latter. What I won't do is buy schlock, if I can identify it, and I won't support a business a second time around if they prove they're not worthy. Works for me.
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    Tell me something that does not elicit this same question of quality vs price. The list is endless. Due diligence by asking questions on this forum and with trusted gun shops or other gun owners is probably all you can do. Some mfgrs do allow for return, no questions asked, which is a good way to show their trust in their quality. Your thread, in and of itself, has given Simply Rugged and boost as has some of the other repliers on their choices.
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    In the last few years I have found that personally my biggest appreciation is customer service. I only buy quality products. My price consideration is more about the service and level of care I can expect from a company. I am more than willing to pay a little more for top notch customer service. For example, In january I placed an order for a set of XS sights 24/7 Bigdots for my Ruger SR40C. I recieved them last night. During the 4 month wait I called and bugged them prob every two or three weeks to check on my order. Not once did I ever get treated badly. They were always great and friendly no matter who I spoke to. I would gladly give my money to a company that provides that level of customer care
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome from Tennessee.......the "Patron State of Shootin' Stuff!"
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    I gotta watch how I say this so it doesn't come out sounding wrong. Price does NOT always correspond to quality, as you say. I bought a High Noon Holster (High Noon Holsters) which by no means was an expensive holster, IMO. $30 for a quality leather IWB holster and I couldn't be happier. I've seen a lot of products around $100+ and I guess they have some features my High Noon doesn't, but my holster is quality leather, well made and does exactly what I want in a holster. What more could you ask for? Great price for a great product.
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    The absolute best all-round holster I have ever found for my needs costs $75, and has a fairly-quick turnaround time:
    Ohio Special IWB - MidWorld Holster
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    Although less expensive holsters sometimes work well, such as FIST, I am persuaded that you do not get highest quality for mediocre prices. Other than FIST I only buy from the top makers such as Sparks, Nossar, Brommeland, Alessi, and a few others. Lesser holsters like De Santis, Kirkpatrick, El Paso, and Hume just don't suit me for fit and overall quality. I would buy a FIST if I needed one fast and they had what I wanted.

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    Never had a problem with milt sparks or mitch rosen or kramer leather for whatyou get I think they are reasonable

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    Welcome. I saved up while my CPL was processing and bought a crossbreed for my M&P Shield. It was expensive but I know 3 others who have the same holster and love it. It was expensive and it was a 10 week wait, but it fits great and I love it. I carried around the house for 6 weeks before my CPL arrived and have been carrying it out in public for a week now and love it.

    However it is the only holster that I own right now.

    I would suggest getting as much feedback from people who have your gun as possible to find out they like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racingsnake View Post
    I guess price isn't always an indication of quality...
    Of course it's not. This is why I prefer to think in terms of VALUE.

    Is the product and service worth more than the price paid?

    For example, Remora and Sticky Holsters are very inexpensive... yet are very comfortable, versatile, and useful products. Both companies provide impeccable service - fast shipping, good communication, and hand-written thank you's. These may not be the highest quality holsters you can buy, but for less than $30, they are a great VALUE.

    I will not tolerate poor service no matter how great the reputation of the product. In fact, the more I pay for the product, the better I expect the service to be. If I'm PO'd by the time I get the product, I don't want it. Paying a lot for something you don't want isn't a good value any way you slice it.

    I've read some holster maker horror stories in the "Where's My Holster" thread pinned above, and elsewhere. I ruled out purchasing from several well-known custom holster makers because of them. With so many good providers making quality products these days, there is really is no need to put up with it.
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