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This is a discussion on Holsters in a drawer within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think i will end up with a drawer full of holsters ...........first day of carry and its starting already . Looks like less ammo ...

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Thread: Holsters in a drawer

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    Holsters in a drawer

    I think i will end up with a drawer full of holsters ...........first day of carry and its starting already . Looks like less ammo money for me .
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    Think of it as a right of passage. We've all been there.
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    Multiple holsters are almost completely unavoidable, especially if you have multiple guns in your carry rotation.

    While all my holsters are comfortable, I've found that my Remora works better than my Old Faithful holster for my Shield in different situations. I've also got an OWB for my little pony that I use for range work or hunting and an IWB for CC. I'm also one of the lucky ones that hasn't bought holsters that don't fit right or aren't comfortable that truly get zero usage.
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    I got lucky to the extent that I bought a comfortable and functional iwb right off the bat then bought a nice LEO type owb holster for the range which I do use for cc occasionally when its cold and I wear a jacket. Then I have the obligatory nylon cheapie(s) for quick access storage.
    Then again I am not one of those guys who has to have a holster with adjustable cant of 37 degrees super duper clips and the latest greatest state of the art fufu stuff either.
    I noticed my iwb the other day still looks good even after almost constant carry for over a year now. Its well broken in and fits my gun like a glove. I have done absolutley nothing to it for maintenance Its light. soft and easy to get off and on my belt without disrobing. I can take it off without being noticeable and put it back on when getting out of my pickup without being noticeable. I have considered getting another holster but cant find a reason to purchase one.
    I will get a nice western style holster for my vaq pretty soon. Thats the only holster I can see buying in the near future.
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    I still have holsters for handguns I've not had for many years. Better to have a box full of holsters than drawers full of ship.
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    I bought a mic and a clipdraw off the bat. Never tried anything else.
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    I still find that I actually use most of mine, depending on the carry situation and the gun I'm using.
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    If my first holster was a Remora, I wouldn't have a drawer full of holsters I didn't use...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmacque View Post
    I still find that I actually use most of mine, depending on the carry situation and the gun I'm using.
    That's my option(s) too. Drawstring, elastic waist pants? Possibly my Remora if drawstring will go tight enough, or Smart Carry or even an ankle holster.

    Dress clothes? Probably the ankle rig 'cause I still can't get fast with the Smart Carry and any exposure is a no-no.

    Different clothes, different situations = different carry/different gun. Simple.
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    Holsters in a drawer

    My first holster for any gun is a Remora since its so applicable in lots of situations, it's cheap, and it always gets to my door fast. After I get that then I do my research for something more suitable. Depending on the gun I never do end up bothering with getting another one.

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    We need to set up a DC forum holster swap thread or something similar. Swap a holster with another member so we can all try new holsters without buying them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmacque View Post
    I still find that I actually use most of mine, depending on the carry situation and the gun I'm using.
    Not me.

    Most of my holster drawer is full of cheaper holsters. I went through quite a few trying to figure out what I was looking for and what to avoid. I carry almost exclusively in a UBG Striker.

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    When I bought my first firearm, I had no intention of ever carrying. The sales guy said, "you'll have another gun within 2 months, your CHL in a year, and a drawer full of holsters." I laughed. He was right, of course.

    Some of my big learnings as I've gone through this holster journey:

    1. As with firearms, gun guys want you to buy the holster/gun that fits THEIR needs or quirks. You need a Glock/Sig/Crossbreed/Don Hume! -- even if you don't.

    2. You can carry a MUCH larger firearm than people realize, by either dressing around it, or finding the right carry location and/or holster.

    3. Sometimes, cheap really works!

    4. OWB blows IWB away for speed of presentation. .5 seconds is an eternity in defensive situations.

    5. "50 million Elvis fans can't be wrong". When everybody who tries a holster or type of holster raves about it, it probably lives up to the hype.

    The journey is a fun one. The drawer keeps filling-- even when we love what we already have.
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    I carry a Tommy Theis IWB. I love it, and it only took me buying 4 other holsters before it. Everyone does it, it just takes time to find the right one.

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    I've had a few different ones and luckily few were abject failures. I was also very lucky to try a Garrett Silent Thunder; now I have a drawer full of Garrett holsters! I like them enough that if Garrett doesn't offer a holster for a given gun I have second thoughts about buying that gun.
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