cargo pocket carry

cargo pocket carry

This is a discussion on cargo pocket carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; has anyone ever carried in the cargo pocket? I have a hard time concealing my Glock 19, and figured out that it fits perfectly in ...

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Thread: cargo pocket carry

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    cargo pocket carry

    has anyone ever carried in the cargo pocket? I have a hard time concealing my Glock 19, and figured out that it fits perfectly in the cargo pocket of my shorts? it does bulge out, but its hard to tell what it is.

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    I will carry a s&W 442 in the front pocket of my cargo shorts, using a DeSantis pocket holster. I have experimented carrying it in the larger cargo pocket, but it bangs into my leg when I walk and is not convientent to access. Whatever you do, it is imperative to use an appropriate pocket holster to shield the trigger.

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    I've carried my BG380 in my cargo pocket using a Talon wallet holster, works fine, not too heavy. Also have the option to carry it in my back pocket and move my wallet to my cargo pocket or front pocket. Lots of options with this setup for summer time carry. Bigger gun would create more issues as you mentioned, trial and error.
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    I carry either in my summer special or cargo pocket, 642, or mod 60

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    I carry the LCR in front pocket, cargo pockets for me anyway are for speed loaders/strips/mags.
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    You should not have any problem concealing your g19 in cargo shorts or cargo pant.

    I CCW in cargo shorts & cargo pants all the time.

    Today we stuff all kinds of things into our pockets and no one will ever notice or even bother too look. Cargo shorts & pants have different size pockets though so you'll have to make sure that it does fit but I have never had an issue!

    Just make sure too that you DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ELSE IN THE POCKET THAT YOU CARRY YOUR FIREARM IN ! ! ! as it could become lodged in the trigger area & set it off ! !

    My brother carries ah full`sized 1911 in cargo shorts & pants, and if you didn't know any better you would think all he has is his keys, wallet, and/or cell phone in his pocket. He's the one that got me started on changing my wardrobe over to cargo shorts & pants. Because we carry so much stuff these days, they come in ah rainbow of colors and different styles too.
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    Isn't it kind of difficult to draw from a cargo pocket?
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    I carry my LC9 (in a De Santis holster) in a cargo pocket with some frequency. (I find that Cabelas' tactical cargo shorts work best for this.)

    It does clang around a bit, but no biggie. I put a handkerchief between the holster and the outside fabric, and it just looks like a well-stuffed pocket.

    As far as draw, ya got me there. I am a proponent of a slow, smooth draw while evaluating the threat, so for me, slow draw is fine.

    If I were designing tactical cargo shorts or pants, I would move the cargo pockets much, much, MUCH higher. This seems to be so very obvious, but the tactical apparel genii just don't yet get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by condition1blog View Post
    I have a hard time concealing my Glock 19, and figured out that it fits perfectly in the cargo pocket of my shorts? it does bulge out, but its hard to tell what it is.
    I've got a couple cargo-pocket shorts that'll take a CZ P-01, which is essentially a G19 but 1/4in thicker. Yes, there's a fairly intense bulge there. I suppose since someone can't put a soccer ball into the pocket, and that it's far too large for a wallet of any sort, it's hard to presume it's anything but a gun. But, against all odds, it fits.

    Though, I would much prefer to carry it IWB or OWB, given the simple fact the whole pocket (laden down as it is, in the pocket) flops horribly away from then into my leg with each stride. Not exactly the motion of a lightweight wallet or similar.

    But the G19 is a full ~9oz lighter and thinner than the CZ P-01. By all means, if it conceals and you're comfortable with how it carries and feels, go for it.
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    depends what you do during the day. If you walk a fair amount, do any running, you will find that the space in the cargo pocket will allow the gun (in or out of a holster) to continually strike you in the knee area. it will become problematic shortly if you plan on doing any moving around.

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    I find anything larger than a Ruger LCP to be cumbersome in a cargo pocket. The weight in the main issue because I tend to walk briskly. I had the idea a few years back to make a special Velcro backing that gets sewn to the inside of the pocket nearest the leg. Then attach a low profile holster to it. Finally, have a tie down system that goes through a couple of grommets in the pocket so you can secure the holster to your leg. Sort of like what the old west holsters did but completely concealed. That way the gun doesn't flap around when walking and always stays in position. The final thing I thought of was to take some plastic sheeting and cut it to fit the front of the cargo pocket to break up any printing that may occur.
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    Tried it.
    Didn't work very well for me. Flops around alot. Hard to get to. Ok for driving.
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    I tried it once. The gun flopped around and banged my leg while walking.
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    In the summer, I wear cargo shorts frequently and carry a S&W 642 in my right front pocket in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. I tried carrying in a cargo pocket one time for about 5 minutes. Banged around too much and was difficult to access. I'll stick to the front pocket or a belt holster when wearing cargo shorts or pants. Cargo pockets are used to hold other "stuff"!
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    Thumbs up

    My first full day of CCW (this past Saturday actually) I carried my XD9SC in the front pocket of cargo shorts, no problem since they were dark colored


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