Just putting in a good word for a tiny company called Barsony that operates out of eBay. IMO they make really nice magazine holsters. Their gun holsters are so-so (I have owned a few of their wares but only kept one gun holster - the one for the Ruger LCR is actually pretty good and inexpensive) but the magazine holsters are really good for the money.

One example of their magazine holsters. They make these for most magazine types.
Barsony Single Magazine Pouch for Ruger SR1911 | eBay

The best thing about them is they are very unassuming. It could be a flashlight or knife or a big-pen in that simple fabric pouch. The clip is really nice and snug too. Easy to put on and take off and fits my 1.5 inch gun belt nice and snug, no moving around.

It conceals well because even if it prints, no one has any idea what the heck it is. Even open carried, this magazine holster looks unremarkable. Which is the nice part about it. The only thing I took awhile getting used to is the strong velcro retainer. It takes a purposeful yank to undo it. But if you pick the right size holster for your magazine, access to the magazine after you flip the lid is really quick and easy.

I have one holster for each of my handguns. I strap them on every day.

Anyway, just wanted to share my findings with all of you. Hopefully it helps someone.