need a good range bag

need a good range bag

This is a discussion on need a good range bag within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi everyone, I've been doing some researching and I'm looking for a good range bag at a reasonable price. Despite my efforts I haven't really ...

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Thread: need a good range bag

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    Question need a good range bag

    Hi everyone, I've been doing some researching and I'm looking for a good range bag at a reasonable price. Despite my efforts I haven't really been able to find a bag that I want. I did run across one site that gave you the option of choosing how many slots you want included for handguns. It had one large bag that could hold up to 9! I can't find this site anymore, and I know it out there somewhere because I just literally looked at not even a week ago. Anyone have any idea what this site could be? Or does anyone have any recommendations for a good range bag? Looking for one to hold at least 3 at a time, with plenty of room for ammo, clips, etc.

    Thanks to all!
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    Try these.

    www.thebluepress.comI also bought a range bag from Galati that has turned out to be pretty good. But, for the best wear and a reasonable price, I'd look real hard at the Dillon bag from the blue press.
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    Pelican gun cases

    I have several Pelican brand gun cases that I use to carry handguns in. These are very heavy duty cases made of thick plastic with foam lining, heavy clamps for locking, and a rubber gasket to seal from water leakage. They are practically indestructable, and will last for decades. An average size case will cost close to $100. Here is a website:

    Pelican gun cases

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    i have one of these - holds 3 pistols, ammo, mags, targets, etc

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    I also have an iShot bag....outstanding product. I've overstuffed it more times than I can count and it's bounced around in dirty trunks and the sucker is yet to pop a stitch or zipper and still looks good.

    Helmie Ashiblie of iShot knows how to make a great bag!
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    Don't laugh please.

    My range bag is a small rolling tool box that I got from Lowe's. It has two wheels and an extendable handle. They come in several sizes and colors. They also have alot of drawers and compartments with a huge main compartment. They have the similar thing at Home Depot.

    It will carry several handguns and all the mags and ammo that you would ever need. I keep a permanent set of cleaning gear in it,spotting scope,target dots,target paper,small gun type tools,color markers,staplers,tacks,etc.,etc. Everything that I could possibly need for range day.

    I just lift it outta my truck,extend the handle,and roll it down to my shooting position.

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    +1 on ishot. I have the modular bag, and its super nice to have the pull out bag for when you have a match or just walking from the truck to the table.

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    I have an ishot pro shooters bag that serves me very well.

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    I bought the i-Shot Pro bag for myself and an Uncle Mike's for my Wife. Works out well, but not cheap. It is largely "you get what you pay for" in this regard. Many cheap bags won't handle the weight and will rip on you in short order.

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    It was about this time of year that I bought a soft tackle was on sale for about $25 or so. It had a large internal compartment and a lot of small pockets.

    Anyway, the flotation material means padding all around, with lots of little pockets for those little goodies you need at the range. I even took it to an embroidery place and had my name stitched on it for easy identification when at matches.

    This may be the time of the year to get one on clearance...

    No, this isn't it, but a pic from Cabela's website of a similar, but different, bag...mine does NOT have the boxes inside, but a large open compartment with adjustable dividers.

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