"extra security" on your holsters?

"extra security" on your holsters?

This is a discussion on "extra security" on your holsters? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was standing in line at the gas station today and it was crowded. I had a guy behind me that was totally breaking my ...

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Thread: "extra security" on your holsters?

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    "extra security" on your holsters?

    I was standing in line at the gas station today and it was crowded. I had a guy behind me that was totally breaking my personal bubble. On my gun side no less I hate when people crowd you. I assume he knew I was carrying because I saw him look directly at my side twice. In this weather printing is almost impossible to avoid completely. I changed my stance as soon as I saw him coming but I still don't like it. One of the main reasons I conceal so often is that I am in this type of situation regularly. I like the fact that if they do make me they must pull my shirt before getting to my gun. Not a big deal, but it may give me an extra split second to react. Even when I OC it is in a Blackhawk serpa with the little button thing so you cant just grab and pull.

    Do you guys think about this when you choose your holsters? Or am I a lonely nut job?

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    its something that youll have to decide for yourself, personally when i CC, my holster is IWB with passive retention, when i OC my holster has a thumb break and a button release, but thats just my preference, and no your not a lonely nut job, just security conscientious.
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    I have been carrying concealed handguns for 29+ years. Weapon retention IS always on my mind when carrying. Besides convienient that is actually one reason I often carry in my front strong side pocket. It is fairly safe from most gun grabs. Just remember whenever you are involved in a confrontation there is always at least one gun (yours) involved! I can attest that when you are rolling around on the ground fighting for control of a gun it IS NOT a good day! Thats why Police Officers train on weapon retention. I believe that is something that anybody who CC should also train on. JMHO.
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    No. Despite some people's fears of having a criminal steal a gun off of an open carrier or a concealed carrier, criminals still tend to use other methods for obtaining guns illegally.
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    My pocket carry holsters only have passive retention. Any of my OWB holsters must have at least a strap for active retention. I don't like anything more complex than just a thumb snap on my owb holsters though. No need to invite Mr. Murphy around.
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    I have a Serpa for OWB, but use a Cleveland Holster IWB. I like the extra retention with the Serpa when carrying OWB, but that might just be my internal paranoia. :)
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    I recently got a Serpa for OWB carry, but concealed by un-tucked t-shirt, usually dark colored. With it canted forward, it conceals very well, and comfortable in the warmer weather. Also like the positive retention without the need of a thumb break, which I find cumbersome.

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    I do not like people close to strong side and will adjust to make sure I am clear. A good thing for me has been that because of heart attacks I use a cane and that gives me a extra weapon and it keeps more room around me and also limits the people that might think I carry because they focus on the cane.

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    My carry rig and weapon change based on my wardrobe. In the summer, even in shorts and a T-shirt, you won't see me print. I don't think much about weapon retention for CC as a result. Even if you are printing (my 1911's do sometimes when bending) the chances the person around you knows the bulge is a gun are minimal.
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    Remember when the Boston bombers killed the cop to steal his gun but could not figure out how to get it out of the holster? I'd say, for open carry, something like that is a good idea. Something more complicated than the Serpa type holsters. Those are easy to bypass for most people who know anything about handguns. At the Front Sight training site they disabled the Serpa holsters with one foam ear plug under one side of the latch.

    I don't open carry for a living though so it is pretty much a non-issue for me personally.

    I do know what you mean about feeling nervous when someone is in your space. That always bothers me regardless unless they belong there.
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    There is a rumor that defending your weapons is no defense. I'd argue that in court. The most ancient scenario has still not been solved.

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    We have deep thinkers and stinkers in this group that could come up with a solution...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer928 View Post
    Something more complicated than the Serpa type holsters. Those are easy to bypass for most people who know anything about handguns. At the Front Sight training site they disabled the Serpa holsters with one foam ear plug under one side of the latch.
    I conceal 99% of the time and with passive retention holsters. In the rare circumstance where I wear an OWB and OC, it is with a Serpa Lock. I have had no issues with mine and much prefer the placement of the release, unlike other 2nd level retention systems.

    Yes I have heard of the latch being blocked on a Serpa to prevent release, but I don't give that much weight. If I am in a rare conflict where the firearm needs use, I find it even more of a stretch that the person on the other side of the conflict happened to research my specific holster and identified it on me, then overcame me just after disabling it. If they did, than I would expect a different planned response from them that would increase their odds in the first place.

    To disable a Serpa lock with a ear plug could also be done between the hammer and pin on a firearm......but, most likely the demonstration Front Sight did was to showcase any small obstruction may occur by accident, by you, on your own person. However, one should check their equipment on a regular basis and adapt to their needs. The Serpa has served me well after several years of use on my property and range, practicing repeated drills (not lately, with ammo).

    To the OP: To each their own. Use what you are most effective and comfortable with. And with any equipment relative to safety and protection, practice with it again and again. This is a firearms forum, but in my mind, this includes home fire/weather response and first aid as well because they too are important to overall security.
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    This is one of the reasons I normally carry appendix carry. If someone is reaching for my gun they are coming from the front of me and I find that easier to defend. I have never been a fan of any of the Serpa retention holsters.

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    I usually CC and OC with the same holster, an open top without retention at 3:00. I'm looking to get a security holster for OC however most places I go are low density and low crime, so as long as I keep situational awareness and my elbow over the sidearm I don't feel ill at ease.
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    Train for that scenario with blue guns or make yours safe. Have someone try to wrestle your gun away from you. Then you'll probably find comfort in how difficult it is and better learn how to defend against a gun grab.
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