Your Thoughts on Shoulder Holsters???

Your Thoughts on Shoulder Holsters???

This is a discussion on Your Thoughts on Shoulder Holsters??? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have two great OWB/IWB hoslters for my 1911's from TT Gunleather. I was thinking of buying the "Miami" shoulder holster from Glaco. I know ...

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Thread: Your Thoughts on Shoulder Holsters???

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    Your Thoughts on Shoulder Holsters???

    I have two great OWB/IWB hoslters for my 1911's from TT Gunleather. I was thinking of buying the "Miami" shoulder holster from Glaco. I know little about shoulder holsters and am looking for opinions/advice on carrying that way in general and the Glaco Miami specifically.

    The shoulder holster would not be for EDC but I think it would be nice for long road trips and those times that require "deep concealment". Any advice or opinions would be great. Thanks.

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    I have one and love it. Like all Galco products they do require some break in.

    Works well with a vest, I use mine when I am on a motorcycle primarily.

    Very comfortable with the two extra mags full. Balances out the weight.

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    I was going to say no way...but you said for road trips. IME the Shoulder holster is a little more bulky and harder to draw...But for long tripsand with a jacket it will be easy to conceal. They are comfortable with a full size. I would get one for that. If you can go to a LGS and just try one one as see if you like the feel.

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    I have this shoulder holster...FIST, INC. for my Glock-36.
    I do not usually wear it except for long trips.
    It is extremely comfortable and makes drawing while driving quite easy.
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    When I was in my 40s I pretty much used shoulder rigs exclusively both leather and nylon. Back then it was 357s and a 9mm P89 Ruger I think. As I got into my 50s tho I began to notice neck pain. That was when I went to IWB at 12 oclock. Now I pocket carry mostly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmike86 View Post
    If you can go to a LGS and just try one one as see if you like the feel.
    This. I ordered one online 5-6 years ago and wish I had found one locally to try first. It didn't suit me well at all and ended up in the rather large "unused holster box."

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    I think they looked good on Dirty Harry and Sonny Crockett, but they never suited me. I still wear white suits and push the sleeves up, though.
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    Shoulder holsters have their advantages, but they're not for everybody. A big problem is that it is difficult to avoid sweeping your body parts while drawing and reholstering. Do a 'pretend' draw with your hand and finger acting as the gun - see what I mean? Lifting your arm is not intuitive, and I dare say even less so on re-holstering. Another consideration is that horizontal rigs have the muzzle pointing rearward. Not a big deal until you grab the gun to draw it - at which point, you have a firing grip on a loaded handgun, pointed where you can't see. For that reason, if I were to choose a shoulder rig, I'd go for a vertical orientation, like the FIST rig retsupt suggested. At least you know where the muzzle is pointing at the start of the draw.
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    I used to use a shoulder holster under my biker vest. Worked well.
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    I have two Glaco Miami complete rigs. They are top notch. And for what use you describe, probably an OK choice.

    You might also consider a cross draw rig. I have also seen some holsters billed as "driving holsters", that with the push of a button change from sort of a lap position, back to regular (and concealed), cross draw. I actually think this might be more practical, but those miami rigs are nice.

    Make sure to get all the accessories with it. The tie downs and mag pouches. They are both important. The tie downs to keep it anchored in place when you draw. They have a tie down attachment for the mag pouch as well, so dont forget that.

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    This shoulder holster does not require tie downs. It is expensive, but quality gear that will last you a lifetime. It IS great for long road trips. Andrews Custom Leather - Monarch Shoulder Rig
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    I have shoulder holsters that I very rarely wear for concealed carry. They require an oversized jacket or heavy vest to keep from printing my full size 1911s. A cross draw is more convenient for driving with just a shirt on or just put your gun in the center console while driving. I do wear my Miami Classic style vertical shoulder holster with my Desert Eagle 50AE and two spare magazines to barbeques sometimes. I do wear a cross-draw vertical shoulder holster when I carry open carry my Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum with the 10 1/2" barrel for hunting.

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    I have a Bianchi X-15 Medium that I have had since the mid 70's. 4 years ago I had the elastic replaced as it had worn out. It has a fantastic fit for my Colt Python 6 inch. On my belt just in front of where it ties down are 2 Dade Speedloaders just in case. I do wear a jacket that is 2 sizes larger which does a No Bulge hiding the gun and reloads. And yes my Black Tux jacket is also cut two sizes larger!
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    They serve some useful purpose in Winter and extreme cold weather when wearing a Winter coat that would make quickly drawing from the waist a bit slower and more cumbersome.
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    Yes..I was going to say I can see a use for them in the colder winter months when you are expected to wear an outer garmet (jacket, coat, vest, etc..)...not sure what good they would do in hot weather. I mean even on long trips, you will want to vacate the car at some point..fuel stop, rest stop, food stop..etc..etc...then what you gonna do..put on a coat in 90 degree temp......

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