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Plastic holster haters need not reply

This is a discussion on Plastic holster haters need not reply within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I dont hate plastic , just never owned one other than the " gimme" holsters that used to come with glock , they didnt impress ...

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Thread: Plastic holster haters need not reply

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    I dont hate plastic , just never owned one other than the " gimme" holsters that used to come with glock , they didnt impress me much . maby someday someone will throw in a " good " plastic with a trade and i can try one , as of now i buy more ammo instead lol .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seadog View Post
    Well, I bought a Fobus Kydex OWB holster for a Sigma VE40 and do hate it.
    Hey, no fair, he got to reply and he hates it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    I have the Blackhawk Sepa holster, a very nice rig, although I don't carry and some people feel it sticks out to much.

    I am wearing the Serpa with my XD9 4" right now. Very comfortable and well built holster. I rarely carry outside the house/yard OWB but I will say that you can conceal it pretty well with a nice sweatshirt or jacket. I haven't bought a Fobus holster but I have handled wuite a few and they don't measure up to the better holsters IMHO. Spend a little more and get a lot more for your money.
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    I Love Kydex also!

    I have a Blackhawk CQC Serpa holster for my Glock 27 and also for my Beretta 92 Centurion. I also have a Fobus paddle holster that does double duty since my Glock 27 and my Taurus PT MilPro pistols fit in the same holster. I also have a FIST High Ride Kydex holster and a Fist Kydex IWB K8 (tuckable, cantable & interchangeable) that also fits the G27 and the MilPro pistols. I prefer the kydex over leather because leather holsters seem to suck out the lubricant (oil) out of the gun and I just don't like leather!Okay!

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    Take a good look at the Tucker Answer for IWB Kydex. They have a money-back guarantee, so it really would be a no-risk option. I like mine a lot, and the tuckable capability is a useful option at times.
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    I'd have to cast a NO vote against using a Fobus holster, I'm right there with everything Seadog expressed earlier. lI was disappointed the ones I tried. VERY disappointed. Save your money and buy something better. You get what you pay for in a holster and a Fobus holster is a cheap holster. Probably why so many are sold , and usually bought by folks who don't yet know better. Wish someone had told me, before I bought mine. SAVE YOUR MONEY !!!!

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    If your interested in synthetic, get genuine Kydex.

    Both Comp-Tac and Blade Tech make nice stuff.

    I think Comp-Tac may have a very slight edge over the Blade Tech.

    This is a Blade Tech Stingray belt holster
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Plastic holster haters need not reply-steyr-ma1-004.jpg  

    Plastic holster haters need not reply-steyr-ma1-001.jpg  

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    Fobus....nope .02
    way too many good holsters out there, than to waste your money on one of these.

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    don't know anything about Fobus IWB, but I have a OWB paddle and I use it all the time when I'm at home and on trips in the car

    The only Kydex IWB holster I have is a Predator SO-2 for my full size HK.45, and it works great for me.
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    Partners, I like the Fobus holsters. I just purchased two of the newer models in the roto paddle style. I carry the Glock 23 and the Walthers P22. I like the high ride, and prefer the cross style draw. With either of these holsters you can adjust the rake angle to what suits you the shooter. They are very light weight and hold the pistol very securely while the paddle is as comfortable as any. I also like Fobus because they'll do exactly what Fobus claims and for a very reasonable price. Just one mans humble opinion.
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    black hawk makes a good Kydex holster. take a look at their brand.
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    I own a Serpa, good retention, tough holster, low profile. Is OWB though
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    I guess I am the odd ball here. I like Fobus holsters very much.

    I carry my beloved PT-111 in a right hand Fobus paddle holster and I have no problems at all. It has never shifted during carry, pulled free with the gun during draw, or anything else. It conceals easily and is comfortable to wear all day.

    I have the same set up for the XD .40sc and it too has given me no problems at all.

    I like them. I use them. I'd recommend them to anyone.
    I think they are a great value for the money.

    Now, I have not tried the Fobus IWB holster as I do not own a Glock since I detest Glocks. But, I have a friend who carries a G26 in a Fobus IWB and he likes his and has told me it is quite comfortable.

    I myself am considering ordering a Comptac Infidel.
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    I just ordered a combo unit

    This looked interesting and the reviews I read were good

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