I woke up today and went outside to discover my new Galco KingTuk waiting at the door, so I decided I'd do a little review/comparison in case anyone else here is looking at one. This is my second IWB holster, the first being a DeSantis Intruder, which is almost exactly like the Galco. They're both leather-backed hybrid type tuckable holsters and they were both about $50 ($45 + shipping for the Intruder, $55 and free shipping for the KingTuk.)

First impressions:

The smell. I don't know if anyone elses Intruder smells as strongly as mine, but I tell you after a few months wearing it, it still stinks to high heaven. If I get sweaty, it amplifies. I was pleased to find out the KingTuk has an acrid leathery smell to it, but its very faint. I had to actually smell it, whereas the DeSantis immediately made my house smell like new upholstery.

The clips. The clips on the Galco are thin, flat metal, the ones on the DeSantis molded kydex. They both have the same basic shape (I read somewhere that the Galcos have straight clips instead of having a bend to catch your belt, but this wasn't the case.) The Galco clips are definitely less conspicuous, because they don't say "HOLSTER.COM" on them in huge letters. Galco also offers "C-clips" that hook behind your belt, mostly for if you're tucking a shirt over the holster. The clips on both are adjustable for height/cant, but the KingTuk is held on with 2 screws instead of 1, and has more adjustment range than the Intruder.

The leather. The leather on the Intruder is very smooth with a noncolored back. The leather on the KingTuk is very attractive and black, and it also has an uncolored back. Between the two I'd say the Galco has the nicer leather. It appears slightly thicker than the DeSantis.

Retention. Out of the box the Galco can be held (steadily) upside down and hold in the gun it was designed for without dropping it. The DeSantis wasn't as tight and easily dropped my 1911 out of it. When put on the Desantis has alright retention, more than I thought an open top would have, but the Galco seems to be better so far, though this could change. The Intruder was designed for the Colt government model, so this may be why its loose, as my 1911 isn't a Colt.

Concealability. I was surprised. I thought these style of holsters did a lot for a 1911, I didn't think they could make Glocks disappear too. I prefer these kind with the wide paddle and spaced clips because they just feel more stable than holsters like the Summer Comfort, and they conceal very well. I don't actually use the tucking capability with these so I can't say much about that. With just a thin cover shirt, a G21 vanishes.

Comfort. I've been wearing the KingTuk around the house for a few hours now and its a very comfortable holster. I'd have to give the nod to the KingTuk because the Intruder has a little leather tab whose sole purpose is apparently to jab me in the side whenever I sit down, otherwise they're both very comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Overall: 7.5/10 KingTuk, 6.5/10 Intruder

Both holsters are very nice looking (not that it matters, they'll be stuck in your pants mostly) and they both function admirably. The stitching on both is nice and they both seem to be made with quality. For $50 bucks they're both a good buy, but I think if I bought another non-custom (read: mass produced) hybrid IWB, I'd go with the Galco.