Carrying while in your vehicle

Carrying while in your vehicle

This is a discussion on Carrying while in your vehicle within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Can anyone provide some options for carry while in a vehicle? I'm a righty and I figure I wouldn't be able to access my firearm ...

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Thread: Carrying while in your vehicle

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    Carrying while in your vehicle

    Can anyone provide some options for carry while in a vehicle? I'm a righty and I figure I wouldn't be able to access my firearm quicley if I'm seatbelted in.

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    There are several makers with cross draw models for car carry. Mine is from Andrews Leather called the carjacker crossdraw.
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    I have a nylon holster mounted on the console of all my vehicles....
    hope this helps....
    velcro tape workd till you get the right placement, then sheetmetal screws and large washers for a more permanent mount....
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    You can access it quickly if the proper technique is used. There are a few different versions, all are how you slide your hands behind and beneath the seatbelt to both unbuckle and draw. It can be done rather quickly with practice. I have LEO's doing it rather quick with level three holsters. Wilson Combat has a great video that demonstrates this.

    I am not a huge fan of carrying if its not attached to your body; to much can go wrong and out of your control quickly.

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    My EDC is OWB - K&D Eagle Defender.

    In use this sits astride my 3 o'clock belt loop and when I buckle up I can slide it fwd a bit to near 2.30 position - this keeps it far enough forward to be clear of buckle pretty much.

    A draw from there is not that easy but well manageable - and if need be of course in an anticipated situation, it would be out and between knees perhaps. I like cross draw rigs but not for all the time and so I'd have to do a swap for driving - can't be bothered!!

    I should add - this is what works in a full size pickup - in cars with low bucket seats problems are way greater.
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    I use shoulder rigs for this very reason. They work well for me in the car.

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    +1 on Sixto.

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    Try being left handed. Not only do you have the same issues as a right handed person, but now you have the door to contend with.

    When I am in my truck, I am usually alone, so the pistol resides on the seat next to me, but it is another story when I am in the wifes car.

    I have struggled with the dilema for a while, and still haven't found a permanent solution.

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    I was struggleing with this one for a while until I found this:

    Works for me like a charm!

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    I just wear my IWB holster like normal. I can draw fine while seated.
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    I'm trying to install one up under my dash where no one would find it if they broke in my car. Under the steering wheel seems to be within good reaching distance. I think a cheap universal holster screwed down will work. I alternate between two firearms when I go to work and when I get off, so holstering it on my body only covers one pistol. I think everyone will agree that the gun needs to be retained in some sort of way. In the event of an auto accident we don't want our firearms to go flying.
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    I have a Garrity C&D Crossdraw that works great for driving. Here's the thread from when I received it.

    My New Garrity Gunleather

    To see Mark's info about this holster go to the bottom of this page Garrity Gunleather

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    I use a cross draw and find it very easy to access without having to bend over to reach under the dash or seat...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Carrying while in your vehicle-seatedcrossa1-small-.jpg  

    Carrying while in your vehicle-seatedcrossa2-small-.jpg  

    Carrying while in your vehicle-seatedcrossa3-small-.jpg  

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    Being LH helps me. Only 1 seat belt strap to contend with. I just lean toward the center console , so I have enough room to draw and point. (may not work as well in a car).
    I agree with Sixto, off body carry isn't a good option. If you have to get out, or the vehicle is violently struck you gun may go outta reach.
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    I Can Draw From Strong Side...

    If I 'focus'...not real easy. Probably not the best for me. If anticipating a problem and unlatch the seatbelt, drawing is much easier.

    I have, on ocassion, just tucked the pistol under my thigh. If I were to get into a serious accident, I may lose the pistol, but...won't I have a bigger fish to fry at that point?

    Two other options...1.) a paddle holster for cross-draw is a great solution. The weapon can be easily accessed. 2.) a fanny pack with a zipper that allows the cover to completely fold down. Although I now stay out of Ohio, this would seem to cover problems with getting both in and out of the car and not needing a cover shirt or jacket.

    Whatever works...

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