For those who might be wondering about holster fit for the Sig 938.

I just got mine and decided to take a look at what I had in my box to see what I needed to order and what worked.

My 938 fits perfectly in a Bianchi minimalist 105, this was a perfect fit.

The 938 also fits in the Sig Factory pocket holster designed for the 238, this was a excellent fit.

The 938 fit in my Concealment solutions Black Mamba designed for the 238, a good fit. This leads me to believe it would also work in a crossbreed designed for the 238 as well.

The 938 DID NOT work in any of my Kydex holsters designed for my 1911's, there is to much slop front to back.

Hope this helps someone out.

Still haven't had the 938 to the range yet, but I will have a report soon.