TCG Operator Tactical MOLLE Holster Review.

TCG Operator Tactical MOLLE Holster Review.

This is a discussion on TCG Operator Tactical MOLLE Holster Review. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys and gals, I got a cool new holster in and I wanted to post a review of my findings. I have been looking ...

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Thread: TCG Operator Tactical MOLLE Holster Review.

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    TCG Operator Tactical MOLLE Holster Review.

    Hey guys and gals, I got a cool new holster in and I wanted to post a review of my findings.

    I have been looking for a kydex holster that could be used on my plate carrier or battle belt. All I could seem to find was the raven style pancake holsters that were modified with attachments to be used on this type of gear. The problem I found with that was that these Pancake style holsters used up allot of precious real-estate on the front of my Molle Plate Carrier.

    So I found and just recently ordered a T.C.G Operator Holster and the Operator Molle Mag. Carrier from Tactical Carry Group. These holsters are made just for use on Molle and Pals gear and use Generation 3 Molle locks to attach to Pals ear and seems like they would take up less room.


    First up, when I ordered my holster and mag carrier there was about an 10 day wait time so that was not bad for a hand crafted holster and the price was not bad either especially for a tactical holster . The base price was $69 and I ordered mine in OD green which added like 5 bucks.

    When my new toys arrived, I promptly squealed like a little girl and danced around the room for a few minutes before getting down to business. With that out of the way here we go. The Operator Holster seemed very solid and well-built with nicely rounded corners and a smooth fit and finish on the sides. Nothing to snag or catch in the heat of the moment. Now I ordered this one for right hand side carry with a zero degree straight up and down cant. This 0 degree cant should make the holster take up even less space on my plate carrier. I also have the ability to rotate the Molle Locks 90 degrees and use the holster in the horizontal position on my vest. Tactical Carry Group does offer a Roto-Lock system that appears to attach to the back of the holster between the holster and Molle Locks and allows you to rotate the holster to any angle position with the push of a button. I did not order this option yet because I wanted to check out the holster before I spent much more money on the setup.

    This holster has an adjustable retention system which is not very common on custom built kydex and I will admit that I had my doubts about how well it would work but I was extremely surprised when I started playing with it. Right out of the box the retention felt really good but I put the holster through its range of adjustments just because I wanted to know how well it would work.


    At the lower end of the retention settings my Glock 23 was very easy in and out of the holster with a very light ďsnapĒ into position. At the tightest setting the assistance of a gorilla would have been helpful in drawing my weapon. I opted for about midway through the retention range so I got a crisp draw and a nice snap back into position and I donít have to worry about my weapon falling out of the holster if I decide to do cartwheels down the battlefield. . . (I know you guys have the same mental picture I do right now!)

    Like the holster, the Operator Tactical Mag. Carrier has a retention system that works just as great for adjusting the retention of magazines.

    Loading the holster and mag. carrier onto the Molle gear was way easier than I expected, especially if you are used to weaving the straps of nylon gear onto Molle looping. I have used the generation 1 Molle locks in the past and was not a huge fan because of the tendency of the latch to open while the lock was being used but it seems that that has been fixed with the Gen 3 Molle Locks that Tactical Carry Group is using on these holsters. The Gen 3 Molle Locks have a secure locking latch system that is unlocked by raising a spring loaded bar that runs through the locking mechanism. There seems to be absolutely no way that these things will open unless you want them to. To load onto the gear, Molle Locks are opened and the arm portions are slid behind several rows of Molle loops and then the holster is rotated down and snapped into locking position. And thatís it! Both the holster and mag. carrier sat VERY securely on my gear.


    Once on my gear, I was happily surprised to find the holster sat slightly away from my plate carrier giving me room to get a full combat grip on the handgun before drawing. In the past this has been a problem with the nylon Molle holsters that I have used. They hold the weapon tightly against the chest rig to the point where you canít easily get a full grip.

    Once on my gear the holster felt even better. Quick draw with a full grip, fast and positive re-holster and a secure snap into position. The mag. carrier felt just as good and I love that I can re-holster the magazine with only one hand fast and easily since the kydex does not collapse or lose its shape when the magazine is taken out.

    Now for the negative, the only thing I donít like about this system is that the Roto-Lock does not come included with this system and has to be purchased separately. But since you can order these holsters in several different cants or tilt setups, I guess it is not a big deal unless you want to be able to constantly change the tilt on the holster.

    All in all, I really like this system, great built and a great price. I am thinking of replacing all my soft rifle mag carriers with their Tactical Molle Ar-15 Mag Carriers but Iím not sure yet.

    Range report to follow

    After trying out this holster, I just ordered one of their ACS inside waistband concealment holsters and it should be here in a few days. If anyone is interested in my findings, let me know and I will try my hand at another review.

    I got this gear from

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    Nice Review, thanks for your work and the pictures
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