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This is a discussion on Car Carry Holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mr. Garrity also has one: '' the C&D at the bottom of the page....

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Thread: Car Carry Holsters

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    Mr. Garrity also has one:''

    the C&D at the bottom of the page.

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    C&D = oh my.......sorry the attractive young woman modeling the C&D distracted me somewhat....
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    What to do when driving has and will always be a problem. A. you want to always stay concealed. B. You never want a bad guy to gain access to your gun. C. When I need it I need to get to it. I have solved this problem by simply being aware of my surronding when driving and stopped at red lights. Secondly, always, always, make sure that you can see the bumper of the truck or car that is in front of you. Why because this allows you to escape head down and gas to the floor. Most people are car jacked because they are unaware.

    There is an old movie called " Boyz in tha Hood" and the guy is caught "sleeping" or unaware of his surrondings at Mcdonalds and is car jacked for his car. Always have a plan of escape and the ability to escape. So, if that means jumping a median, trashing your car or truck, do it. You can get another truck but not another you. Finally, lock your doors and keep your windows up. This is very simple but is rarely done. Also remember that if some one is successful in getting into your car, drive like a maniac. My philosophy is this if you come to my car with a pistol and you are obviously a BG. Then I am showing you mine. War Face....
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    I was also a bit distracted while looking at the cross-draw holster on the Garrity site. I did eventually get a good look at it though.

    The crossdraw holsters look like the most comfortable options. They appear to be snap-on holsters that don't have to be threaded onto your belt. They give easy and quick access.

    The crossdraw holsters do appear to be less concealed for those who are concerned with that while driving.

    I'm not so concerned about concealment while driving because its really only visible to someone who is getting very close to me, which is not too likely. Plus my windows are VERY dark.

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    Yeh, I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I have been searching for a better way to carry in my vehicle also and found this website .. It uses your existing holster and mounts where-ever you want to put it, including on your bedrails if you so desire.
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    What I have done is I have a .38 special derringer that fits well in the cup holder of my center consol. While it's not really concealed (eventhough you look in the window you would never know what it is) being small it give me a chance to put a couple of rounds on target, while unbuckling and grabbing my carry pistol. I've tried to figure something else out, but having a bench seat doesn't really give much room for concealment
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    I own an XD that came with a OWB holster. I hated the free holster the minute I handled it as it felt cheap and I wondered why they even bothered to include it in the "XD Gear" package.

    Then I decided to mount it under my dash and use it to hold my gun when I'm behind the wheel. Works like a champ. If anyone is interested, you can PM me and I'll send along a few pics I have of it. I don't have them handy or I would have uploaded them here.

    I think any paddle style holster could easily be mounted in most vehicles in a similiar fashion.
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    Thank you!!! I'm gonna do the same. What did you mount it with

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    I have a Bianchi Paddle Lock holster for my 1911. I don't particularly want crossdraw except when driving so I didn't want to spend the money for a crossdraw only holster.

    The paddle lock can be adjusted for strong side or crossdraw every easily so I can use it either way. What can I say, I'm cheap!

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    DeSantis Kingston. Under my seat cover, but situated for easy, fast retrieval....

    Great setup and I recommend it if you can get it arranged properly in your ride.

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    I tried to order one of these:

    I told them I already had the Thunderwear and I just wanted to order the girl! They said they couldn't find the part number!

    Maybe I'll just try that Carjacker Crossdraw?
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