Ankle carry

Ankle carry

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Thread: Ankle carry

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    Ankle carry

    So I have been wanting to carry my Taurus 605 as a back up and the best way I could conceal it is on the ankle. Now its a really heavy pistol, what kind of holster should I use. Or what thoughts do you have about carrying that gun on the ankle?


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    I've been known to carry an SP101 snub nose in a Galco Cop Ankle Band when necessary. The revolver is heavy carried that way but sometimes you do what you have to do. The Ankle Band has to be snugged up pretty tight to keep the gun from flopping around or rubbing, and it can become uncomfortable after awhile. The Ankle Band works OK, and is more a "minimal" holster without extra straps and some of the bulk other holsters seem to have.

    Your success with ankle carry will depend on what holster you end up with and there are several other good ones out there. Ankle carry may not be the preferred carry method, but there are times - and it's better to have a revolver on your ankle than one locked up in the car or in a drawer at home. You mentioned use as a backup. A lighter revolver or semiauto (assuming ankle carry) might be a better option if you can arrange that, but the Taurus would work OK.

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    I carry a Taurus 605 SS revolver (it ain't THAT heavy) in a DeSantis Apache ankle holster with added strap just below the knee. The holster is all elastic, about 7" wide, lined in lamb's wool, elastic pocket for the pistol, Velcro closure and is very comfortable. I love it while driving or seated for ANY reason! I truly forget I have it on at times. There are about 3-4 ankle holster threads in this forum from the last 10-14 days if you'd check. A lot of information and opinion.
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