good belt for owb p229 carry

good belt for owb p229 carry

This is a discussion on good belt for owb p229 carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; title says it all. considering a beltman belt with stiffener or a kydex lined belt like blade-tech or comp tac. all advice/suggestions appreciated....

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Thread: good belt for owb p229 carry

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    good belt for owb p229 carry

    title says it all. considering a beltman belt with stiffener or a kydex lined belt like blade-tech or comp tac. all advice/suggestions appreciated.

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    I've had a couple of BeltMan belts for the past 7yrs. Both are 1.5" wide, without the internal stiffener. And both have been fantastic. I actually considered doing one of them with the stiffener. BeltMan offers this. As I purchased them (1.5", double-hide, tapered end, without stiffener), they have been fairly comfortable, firm enough to carry about ~40oz total load, and only in the past year have they softened up a bit. I can recommend the BeltMan belts without reservation. Great quality, comfortable, good looking enough to support somewhat dressy clothes.

    My most recent acquisition has been one from Mike at Armour Belts. While Armour doesn't offer tapering, IIRC, nor an internal stiffener, I will say that this belt is noticeably firmer than when I first got the BeltMan belts. It's a bit thicker. Yet it's equally comfortable to my 7yr old BeltMan ones. Easily holds a fair load. Highly recommended. As Armour is a relatively new maker, I can't say whether in 7yrs' time these will still be stellar, but zero complaints at this point. Wonderful belt.

    Either of these ought to easily deal with a SIG P229, a couple spare mags, and perhaps another item or two on the belt.
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    Take a look at our website and if we can help, let us know.
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    UBG makes a very nice belt, also makes some kick butt holsters..... all quality leather and no compromise on quality...I am sure you will get a lot of input, especially on custom belt makers, one thing i like on the ubg is he screws the buckles, no snaps or rivets ect...can get single or double stitch, and they are nice enough to wear anywhere....
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    I have a Comp-Tac with the stiffener and Galco but the Beltman is the best. My 229 ride love to ride the every day.

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    I use a high noon belt which is nice but kind of expensive for my M11-A1, which I am told is just a P229 with an extra sticker. For IDPA I just use a 511 belt, which I know some people dislike, but works for me and is only $40. Think I will check out Beltman though after reading this post.

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    Galco CLB-5 and some others.
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    Picked up an Ares Gear Ranger belt earlier this year for carry, but now I just plain wear it every waking moment of the day.

    Two layers of scuba webbing and a inch wide nylon strap layer, coupled with a pretty neat buckle.

    The definition of stiff right there.

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