Keeping shirts from bunching up behind grips?

Keeping shirts from bunching up behind grips?

This is a discussion on Keeping shirts from bunching up behind grips? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been carrying my S&W M&P40c a bit more recently. I got a new belt in the past couple weeks and have noticed that while ...

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Thread: Keeping shirts from bunching up behind grips?

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    Keeping shirts from bunching up behind grips?

    I've been carrying my S&W M&P40c a bit more recently. I got a new belt in the past couple weeks and have noticed that while carrying the M&P40c I have to be real careful of the gun's position and my shirt's position when I stand up out of a chair. I've gone walking around only to find out that my grips are holding my shirt up - there is a fold that ends up laying over top the mag butt and when I stand up it drops behind the grips. I don't know if anyone's caught on to that, you can't see the outline of the grips or the gun, but you can obviously tell something is "there". Now I just make a habit of repositioning my shirt when I get up and I haven't had many issues, only pulling out my tucked in shirt.

    I carry at about 4:00 with a Crossbreed holster/V-clips.

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    That's about all you can do. I do it about fifty times a day.
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    I carry IWB at the 8: o clock position and sometimes have the folding over the grip issue,but it depends on the shirt I am wearing. I no longer tuck my shirt and one of the managers at work noticed. I cannot carry in the office but I still leave my holster on and the gun in the vehicle.Tennessee passed a law this last July where an employee me leave their weapon in their personal vehicle while at work.
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    My CZ originally came with rubber grips that while very comfortable had a tendency to bunch up the shirt. I replaced the grips and have gotten in the habit that when ever I stand up a quick and discrete shirt adjustment.
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    Most people probably wouldn't notice right away anyhow. But like velo99 I do it out of habit every time I stand up.

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    My M&P 40c rides in a minotaur M-tac. Im 5'10" and fluctuate between 200 & 220. My shirt does not do what you describe. I guess my shirts are a little oversize and that seems to be the key for me.

    Maybe it has something to do with how I tuck in my shirt. I pull it taut across my front on both sides and take up the slack in back, gathering it at a point in the middle, then I basically make a single pleat of the excess material. Then the pants go up, get buttoned and zipped, belted and THEN the holster goes on, weapon goes in, then I untuck the portion to cover the weapon & retuck it into the space for the holster.
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    Glock 19 6'2 195lbs, and happens to me with pretty much any shirt I wear. I'm constantly having to pull my shirt down. It used to be not so much of an issue until I had a kid, which means you're constantly bending and squating down. By the end of the day my shirt is usually stretched at the bottom making me look like big bell, which means I'm probably to deliberate in pulling my shirt down.

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    Eat more.

    My love handles always keep my shirt draped over the top
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    Every body type and holster is different, but for me this only happens when I slouch (the shirt sags behind the grip, then as I straighten up it bunches). Proper posture has fixed it for me, which is good because I've always been terrible at sitting.

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    I now wear a gun around 1230 or so position. Still ajust my shirt.... Happens no matter wear I put it..

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    As others have said, I also make a habit of adjusting my shirt when I stand up. It's totally normal and natural to do, even if you're not carrying. You're just making sure your shirt looks nice! As long as you're not patting the area where your gun is and doing other things to draw unnecessary attention to yourself, you'll be fine.

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    I have a M&P 9c and have to do the same thing that you do. Whenever I stand up, I just give a quick pull on the bottom right side of my shirt to make sure its down and covering the gun.

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    I am a large man , i have a SHTF IWB for my MP.40c and i carry at 2:30 to 3:00 never had an issue with my shirt catching or holding my shirt . But i do out of habit ( good or Bad ) find when i do get up i always just check my shirt just to make sure .

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    I carry my Glock 23 AIWB in a High Noon Public Secret holster.

    I also use a 1 1/2 " two ply gun belt that keeps the rig tight against my body.

    That position allows me to keep tabs on my gun and holster and for me is the fastest position to draw from.

    Keeping shirts from bunching up behind grips?-photo.jpgKeeping shirts from bunching up behind grips?-photo.jpg
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    Having the shirt untucked, covering the gun. Having shirts with heavier, stiffer cloth so it drapes around the bulges better. Doing the stand-up "tug" routine, each and every time you get up from a seat, to ensure your cover clothing is correctly placed. Swap to less-grippy grips, which will grab the clothing a bit less (ie, rubber to smoother wood grips). Or, you can try adjusting the cant and/or position of the holstered gun a bit, which might help all by itself.
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